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Friday, December 09, 2005

MY GM WENT TO THE BASEBALL WINTER MEETINGS AND HE HE BROUGHT ME HOME WAS SOME OLD BROKEN DOWN BALLPLAYERS All the leaks out of Dallas last week had Mets fans salivating. Would Omar bring us home Manny Ramierz? Barry Zito? Javy Vasquez? Alfonso Soriano? ahhhhh NO. He brought back Paul LoDuca, Jose Valentin, Matt Perisho and Julio Franco. WOW talk about killing the moment. I would have been happy with Jeremy Affeldt and or Mike MacDougal. Sure Omar filled the two spots he needed to with Carlos Delgado and Billy Wagner but with all the news of blockbusters that were on the verge of happening, well the goodies Omar brought home leave me a bit empty. Let's look at what we have here shall we. Paul LoDuca-Usually when the Mets bring in a guy from my old neighborhood I'd be wetting my pants but this move does not excite me at all especially when two guys much better than LoDuca were out there and Omar's inpatients seems to have gotten the best of him here. Bengi Moilina is still on the market and since the Angels did not offer him arbitration it would seem to me that the Mets would have the upper hand in negotiations with Molina. Ramon Hernandez who was thought to be the front runner to get the Mets catching job signed with the Orioles for 4yr $27mil. His contract breakdown: 2006 $4.5mil 2007 $6.5mil 2008 $7.5mil 2009 $8.0mil So if Hernandez would have signed the same contract with the Mets, he would cost less in the first two years of his deal than the Mets will pay LoDuca ($12 mil over the next two seasons) for the two years left on his contract. Even if Hernandez couldn't get signed with Molina still on the market and non tendered I would think the Mets would have been a huge advantage? Jose Valentin-On the plus side, he's cheap at just over $900K and he plays everywhere except catcher or pitcher so his versatilely is welcome and he is a power bat off the bench. On the minus side, he's up there in age at 36 and injury prone and he strikes out more than the 40 year old virgin. Matt Perisho-He was signed to a minor league deal and I guess Omar feels he could become the LOOGY the Mets have been searching for. Perisho missed a lot of time with injuries last season but he has a deceptive pitching motion and he has a very good slider so this looks like a good roll of the dice. Julio Franco-When I first heard this I screamed out a big WTF? Then I heard a two year deal and I went on a Lewis Black like rant then I calmed down looked it over and you know what I STILL THINK IT"S FUCKED UP!!!!. I don't care that the money involved is chump change but where is he going to play? How many games do we think Delgado is going to sit that Franco is going to get playing time? You give an aleged 47 year old guy a two year deal but you let Marlon Anderson walk because he wanted two years? You let Roberto Hernandez walk because he asked for two years but since you know Franco for a long time and you want him to join the front office some day HE GETS TWO YEARS. Fuck it let's get Sammy Sosa in here too and dump Nady and Diaz. By the way the bench is now a bit crowded don't you think: Woodward RHB Franco LHB Castro RHB Valentin RHB Redman LHB Diaz RHP/Nady RHB Woody and Castro are locks. Franco too. Nady/Diaz? Both hit form the right side but Diaz is limited in where he can play in the field whereas Nady can play any outfield spot and first base. Valentin also plays everywhere. Tike Redman? Your guess is as good as mine as why he's a Met. Meanwhile a solid pick up for the bench would be Jeff DaVanon who was non-tendered by the Angels. He plays all the outfield and he gets on base. I know it's still very early in the off season and I know Omar is as aggressive a GM as there is in baseball and I know he has a few more moves up his sleeve (just wait until he hears that Miggy Tejada wants out of Baltimore!!) but I just wish he'd keep them to himself until it's pull the trigger time. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON TH ETIME OF THIS POSTING) < |