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Thursday, December 01, 2005

MUCH METS NEWS Item: BENSON FOR JULIO IN THE WORKS? If this story was broken in any other paper but the New York Post, I'd believe it but since it was the Post with it's "exclusive" I'm not taking it seriously. It's not that I am against trading Benson, I'm not, but he has much more trade value than Jorge Julio. Benson will make $7.5 mil in 2006 and 2007 and has a club option for $7.5 mil in 2008 but there is a buyout of $500K as well for the '08 season. Even though Benson's best asset is his hot wife, with the lack of any top starters on the free agent market a pitcher like Benson could be a pretty good value. But to bring back Jorge Julio for him makes no sense. Julio is a hard thrower but not really a big strikeout guy and besides he is not better than Roberto Hernandez and he's not even close to Aaron Heilman. Last year as the warm up act for B.J. Ryan in Baltimore Julio pitched 71.2 innings and gave up 76 hits K'd 58 and Walked 24. Nothing to write home about and certainly nothing to trade a descent starter for. Item: MANNY TO HALOS? MANNY TO PHIILIES? MANNY TO ANYPLACE BUT SHEA! The Paul Konerko re-signing will now excelerate to Manny out of Boston talk. The Angles seem to have to upper hand as they are loaded with prospects and money. Let's face it there is no way the Old Town Team can ever get back true value for Manny so prospects and the savings of $57 mil, any being relived of the daily bullshit putting up with Manny is the incetives here. Now the Phillies are in the mix by dangling Bobby Abreau as trade bait. First it was Billy Wagner to the Mets, now the Phillies are looking to unload Abreau, all they need to do next and deal off Pat Burell and the Mets can vote Pat Gillick a full share of playoff money next year. Again caution-this story is form the NY Post (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |