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Monday, December 12, 2005

MARTY'S MAIL BAG Let's see what the old gas bag has in his mail bag: [Why not stop all the speculation about Aaron Heilman and Lastings Milledge and just trade Cliff Floyd and Kaz Matsui for Manny Ramirez and let him play left?-- Frank L., Canton, Ohio One of the reasons is that the Mets might have to include Heilman and Milledge -- and the right to Willie Mays -- along with Floyd just so the Sox will take Matsui. They seem to have a sense that Matsui has more in him than he has shown in two summers with the Mets, but he remains a risk for a team that intends to challenge for the American League East championship. But why would the Mets do it? If you were assured that Floyd would produce 25 homers, 90 RBIs and 70 runs -- he was more productive than that in 2005 -- would you still spend players to take on Ramirez, his contract and all his baggage? If you were assured he'd hit 40 home runs, drive in 120 runs, score 90 runs and be a greater presence in the order than Floyd, would you be willing to assume a $57 million obligation? Even if the Sox were to pay $15 million of it, would you take on $42 million for 15 more home runs, 30 more RBIs and 20 more runs each year for three years? Floyd fit well with the Mets last season -- better, I suggest, than Ramirez would fit in this often-trying market. He's part of the fabric of the Mets. He responded to Randolph's challenge and had the second-best season of his career. The only baggage he has is what David Wright carries for him as part of the playful clubhouse hazing. Moreover, the Mets' bullpen is thin, with Roberto Hernandez gone and Minaya not yet done. Deal Heilman, and the 'pen will be so thin, it will have no other side. At the same time, Milledge is not a guaranteed Major League regular, but if the Mets deal him, what will happen to the core of players Minaya says he wants to create?} Marty why such a long winded answer? All you uhad to say is the Skill Sets have told Omar if you want to bring in a big contract you have to lose a big contract. The Skill Sets are now operating like NBA owners who under the league salary cap make transaction only when the money on the contracts match. If this were not the case Grundzielanek would have been signed already but can't because the KazMat money has to go bye-bye. This is not a knock on the Skill Sets as they have gone above and beyond the check book but they are operating with a "cap" By the way I'm ticked that Roberto Hernandez signed with the Bucos for what is chump change around here (1yr/$2.75 mil) but it looks like he will get a shot to be the closer in the Steel City and we know that was not happening here. {Where will Lo Duca bat in the order? He doesn't have Piazza's power.-- Larry R., Queens, N.Y. As far as I know, the Mets aren't obligated to use Lo Duca as they used Piazza just because he is succeeding Piazza as the regular catcher. The new man can bat second -- something Piazza never did -- or sixth if Randolph wants to use Beltran or the second baseman -- whomever that might be -- in the second spot. } The only similarity between Mike Piazza and Paul LoDuca is ethnicity and position. If LoDuca bats in the 2 hole instead of Beltran I'm hiring a lawyer so I can sue Willie Randoph for negligence. {Don't you think the Mets' need for defense at second base is greater than it was now that Delgado is going to play first base?-- Michael T., Conshohocken, Pa. Yes. And that's what makes Anderson Hernandez so intriguing as a solution for second base. If the Mets can't move Matsui, he probably will begin the season as the regular second baseman. The Mets believe that he still has the offensive skills he had when they scouted him in 2003. They're not so sure about his defense. If he again is found lacking, it appears that Hernandez would be more likely to get a chance at second than Jeff Keppinger, for reasons of defense. Keppinger is a more accomplished offensive player, but Hernandez has greater range, and his offense is improving. } First off who the fuck names these towns in Pennsylvania? Intercourse, Blue Ball Ltitz and now Conshohocken? Here is the big problem with KazMat. Even though he has not shown he can play American baseball and Jeff Keppinger and Anderson Hernandez are better that KazMat, but due to his salary KazMat plays. So when the Mets say it's all about winning that's 100 % bullshit. {Will you vote for Dwight Gooden for the Hall of Fame? If not, will it be because of his drug use and all the trouble he's been in?-- Joe S., Middletown, N.Y. No, I won't vote him, and his drug use may be indirectly responsible for my decision. If Gooden had stayed clean, perhaps his career wouldn't have unraveled as it did. He was a great pitcher for a relatively short time -- the second half of the 1984 season through his 11th start in 1986. Thereafter, he was often good, but seldom as dominating as he had been. Give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he was great for all three seasons. Well, three great seasons aren't enough to warrant consideration for Hall of Fame induction. Gooden's respective ERA, winning percentage and strikeout ratio through 1986 were 2.28, .753 and 8.99 per nine innings. After 1986, they were 3.95, .550 and 6.78. Not pedestrian, perhaps, but hardly worthy of the Hall.} Of all the minutiae spewed by Tim McCarver when he was the Mats TV analyst the one thing he said that still sticks with me is when Gooden was having his amazing 1985 season he asked Bob Gibson what he thought of Gooden and Gibson said, "As great as he's pitching now, he may never come close to this again in his career". At the time I thought it was sour grapes on Gibson part but unfortunately he was on the mark.

Klassic Kiners Korner

I don't know if the tapes exist of the Kiners Korner shows of the 60'2 and 70's but if they are then SNY should be already putting together half hour shows of KK and showing them when the network kicks off in March. has done an unbelievable job of putting together a spreadsheet of the contracts of Mets players on the 40 man roster. They break is down form starting line up to starting pitchers to bull pen. Outstanding job !!!!


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