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Sunday, December 18, 2005

MAMA DO LET YOUR BABIES GROW UP TO BE MIDDLE RELIEVERS When players like Braden Looper command 3yr/$13.5 mil deals and when Ocatvio Dotel who is recovering form Tommy John surgery can set off a bidding war between the Mets and Highlanders you know the baseball world is coming off it's access. In fact you can now say that Billy Wagner's 4 yr/$44 mil deal is could be placed on the value menu when you consider what Roberto Hernandez and Jose Mesa received. After seeing what Looper got form the Cards I guess Loco Taveres is not as loco as I thought with his demands. Omar and the Mets have to hope that between The Zambrano Project, Heath Bell, Juan Padila, Aaron Heilman and possibly Brain Banister and Aly Soler the Mets can build a bullpen bridge to Billy Wagner in the 9th inning. Knowing how Omar operates, he will scour the non tendered list come Tuesday and will invite a boat load on NRI to St. Lonesome come February to try to find that reliever in the rough. Let´┐Ż?s call this "The Curse of the Phone Call" So far this off season whomever St. Joseph of Torre has dropped is anytime minutes on a potential free agent they have run the other way as we see with Nomah! Thanks to Baseball Think Factory I found this story about Carlos Delgado and his caving tomanagementt about standing for God Bless America. For some reason folks out there think of this song as the National anthem as it's not, in fact I don'tbelievee there is anyprotocoll for anyone to stand up for this song. Add in the fact that most ofcriticss of Delgado don't know jack shit about the Iraq war or even know anything about the U.S. Constitution makes all the hot air quite funny. Here is a passage from the story: {But now, Mets' management is pushing Delgado back into the mold. The shame of this is that despite a guaranteed contract and support in the streets, Delgado isn't pushing back. He said at the November 28 press conference announcing his trade to the Mets from the Florida Marlins, "The Mets have a policy that everybody should stand for 'God Bless America' and I will be there. I will not cause any distractions to the ballclub.... Just call me Employee Number 21." And we saw him grin and bear it when Jeff Wilpon, son of Mets CEO and owner Fred Wilpon, said, "He's going to have his own personal views, which he's going to keep to himself." } This is why I love blogging. I have my personal views but I sure as shit ain't keeping them to myself as the Little Dip Shit Dictator Jeffy Wilpon would like everyone to do. (TO LEAVE A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POST) < |