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Saturday, December 03, 2005

LOOKING FORWARD TO MONDAY I usually hate Monday's. After running around all weekend, when that alarm clock rings at 5AM I just want to smash the shit out of it. But not this Monday. This Monday is Day 1 of the Baseball Winter Meetings. Omar and Co. will be the big "playa's" in Dallas next week as the Mets try to bag a catcher, 2nd baseman and a starting pitcher. Go get em Omar! It looks like Omar has his sites on Mark Grudzielanek to play 2nd. This would be a major upgrade at the position and it sends a message to the fan base that winning not payroll is what this organization is all about. Omar would trade KazMat for a bag of old jock straps if he could but if he can't so it looks like he has no problem making Matsui the highest paid utility man in baseball. I still think Minaya will find a taker for Matsui but it seems he wants to upgrade the 2nd base postition no matter what. Kris Benson is a dead man walking. It just a matter of when and where. Now the reports are the market for Benson has grown as the Royals and Giants seem interested (Anna will love SF) so the Benson to the O's for Jorge Julio are on hold. The name we now here as a potenial starter is Barry Zito. Now that would make a great Christmas present. But as usual, what's the cost? If you could put Benson in the mix allong with say Zambrano and a couple of dollars to offset the Benson money for '07 would Billy Beane bite? Zito will make $8.5 mil in 2006 so there is a savings there,and Zambrano who made $2.1 mil last season is arbitration eligiable. So you could make a deal in which the Mets would make up part if the raise that Zambrano would get in '06. That would give the Mets a nice starting staff of: Petey Galvine Zito Trax Seo Not too shabby! I hope Marty Noble is getting some solid inside info as he has said a few times now that the Mets will not trade either Lastings Milledge or Aaron Heilman. In his last installment on, Noble states that the Mets look at Miledge as the replacement for Cliff Floyd and Heilman is the second most valuable pitcher in the pen. The Mets would still take a shot on Manny Ramierz but only on their terms not the Sawx. Also it looks more and more that Omar will look for a backup catcher to share time with Ramon Castro instead of spending alot of dough on Bengi Molina or Ramon Hernandez. I still don't understand why the Mets have not at least made an offer to Brad Ausmus but I would not mind getting Jason LaRue from the Reds either. Remember a few days ago I posted a link to Alex Belth' Bronx Banter site to a great posting he had on Vic Power? Well Mr. Belth has another winner this time on on the history of baseballs biggest and most important free agent signings. Just click on the link and enjoy! (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |