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Monday, December 05, 2005

JUST AN AWFUL DEAL! Mets fans it seems come in two categories, the hardcores like us and by us I mean bloggers and our readers who look at every aspect of the organization and go over the farm system like we�re descendants of Branch Rickey. The casual Mets fan who reads the Daily News or the Post on his commute and cares only about who is on the 25 man roster. I bring this up because as my blood pressure went to 200 when I heard that Omar went out and traded for Paul LoDuca. Not only did he bring in an inferior catcher to Ramon Castro he sent Gabby Hernandez the 20 year old with a mid 90 fastball and a curve that is coming around and is a top prospect for LoDuca who the Marlins were very happy to dump. When I bring this up to friends of mine who fall under the causal Mets fan title they all say the same thing to me, STEVE, REMEMBER GREGG JEFFERIES!!!!!! Twenty years ago, the only place you could get news on the minor leagues was in Baseball America. Every two weeks on Tuesdays I would race home from work to see my nice crisp copy of BA sitting in my mailbox. I would turn to the Mets organization page as fast as I could just to get the dope on the Mets phenom Gregg Jefferies. I had such a crush on Jefferies you�d have thought Gregg and me were spending our days at Pottery Barn and our nights playing hide the Louisville Slugger. I would tell my buddies, �Man, wait till this kid gets to Shea, Fuck Mattingly. This kid is going to win MVP�s and batting titles and be the greatest Met ever�. My friends bought into all this because they knew I followed the organization very closely. It didn�t hurt that my oldest brother was living in Lynchburg VA and in the 80�s Lynchburg was home to the Mets A ball team. When I�d go down there to visit in the summers I got to see Gooden, Straw, Dykstra and Backman as they were the cream of the Lynchburg Mets crop. Back to Jefferies, he was the only player to be named BA�s Player of the Year two years in row. I would give these stories to my friends to read and try to get them as worked up as I was over the arrival of Jefferies. But as the casual fans there are all they would say is �when he does it big leagues let me know�. I would get all hot under the collar because I saw the NEXT BIG THING and none of my buddies saw it my way. Well Jefferies finally makes it up to the big leagues in the late stages of 1987 season. Jefferies was just 19 and just about got his beak moist with 6 AB�s. The next season Jefferies was called up in September for the 1988 pennant race and made a big contribution to the Mets down the stretch. All I thought was just think what this kid will do here in the next 10 years. WOW. How was I supposed to know he was a first class asshole? How did I know the he would turn into a whinny piece of shit faxing letters of woe to WFAN, where they were read over the air embarrassing Jefferies and the Mets. All I heard back then was, �what�s wrong with your boy�? Sure it�s a crapshoot when your dealing with 18, 19 or 20 year olds in the NY-Penn league or FSL I know that but how in the world can you trade a 20 year old pitcher with the talent credential of Gabby Hernandez for a 34 year old has been catcher? What makes it worse is you could have traded a �B� level prospect to the Reds for Jason LaRue and get a younger and a better alternative at catcher than what you have in Lo Duca? I�m not going to kill Omar here even though I think the deal absolutely blows because he has done a very good job so far in bring the Mets back to relevance but one of my fears with Omar is that he could get drunk with the power he has wielded so far as Mets GM. He had an ego when he got the job and you would hope he would keep it in check but as we saw with Steve Phillips the ego starts to take on a life of it�s own. Phillips walked around Shea like he shit out lavender and pissed out champagne and that was his downfall.,0,7904759.story?track=mostemailedlink Lost in the hubbub of the Lo Duca deal was the report that Mark Grudzielinak will sign a deal with the Mets on Thursday. By signing Thursday the Mets will not lose a draft pick. This move is a solid one by Omar and you would think he�d just do a little fine tuning especially to the bullpen but don�t count on it. I love Anna Benson like the rest of the male Mets fans but Anna please shut the fuck up! Not only are you embarrassing yourself as a pair of tits with no brains, you have made your husband look like the biggest pussy whipped husband in America. The only thing you care about is if Kris is traded from the Mets YOUR dream of making it to the big time in the Greatest City in the Wrold takes a serious hit. You made Kris sign with the Mets so you could fulfill your dream of being a celebrity and your just pissed off that it never happened. Oh and by the way for your husband�s sake you better hope the Mets trade him because after your stupid remarks about Carlos Delgado there could be a world class beat down in his future. While I�m writing about it I have to apologize to former Pirates manager Lloyd McClendon who I tore apart after he insinuated that Benson was gutless. Looks like McClendon was right. Pete Abraham, the top seamhead scribe at The Journal News has set up his Reporter's Notebook at the Winter Meetings. What's great about this is Pete has his hand on th epulse of the Mets and not only will he updating this site throughout the day but you can e-mail him questions that he will answer on site. 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