The Eddie Kranepool Society

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

IT'S STORIES LIKE THIS THAT SCARE ME SOMETIMES ABOUT OMAR! It seems that Omar Minaya put a call in to Dave Dombrowski-Great Grandson of Louie Dombrowski of Louie's Sweet Shop on the Lower East Side-about obtaining Pudge Rodriguez! Now for the kicker, the Tigers were asking for too much for the ex-Pudge so Omar backed off. WTF? First off what the hell is Omar losing his fuckin' mind? Rodriguez is owed $11mil in '06, $11mil in '07 and $13mil in '08 (there is a $3mil buyout in '08) but he backed off because Dombrowski was asking for too much! Who could Dombrowski had asked for? You would think he take and old sock to rid the Tigers of this over paid, ex-juicer. I need a cold compress. < |