The Eddie Kranepool Society

Friday, December 16, 2005

I WAS READY TO GO ON A RANT ABOUT GRUDZIELANEK TO THE ROYALS...... but then I ready Marty Noble's piece on Anderson Hernandez and it allmakes sense now. Even though Grudz sign with KC for 1yr/$3mi it seems the Mets feel they can get as much or better production from Hernandez and or Keppinger at 2nd base. Who knows maybe the Origami Tiger (KazMat) could finally be what we were told he was. From the story it seems the Mets feel that Anderson's lack of offense during his September call up was due to inactivity and his strong play so far in winter ball is the Anderson Hernandez they've been waiting for. A good sign is the 2nd base job is wide open and the best player will get the job. I was going to add a few more posts but I'm spent from trying to figure out where I was going to work today due to the pending NYC Transit strike. I was ready to report to our Manhattan office, then I was told I could get a ride to our Brooklyn office with a guy who lives near me. Then I get up this morning and here the trains are running so I head for Queens which is my office. Then I end up in Manhattan anyway to take care of something at the courts. Add in the shitty weather this morning, well I'm beat. I just want to go for a nice boat ride with the Minnesotta Vikings on Lake Minnitonka and relax. < |