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Thursday, December 15, 2005

�ANNA SPREADS HER CHEER� Anna Benson played Santa�s helper at the Mets Christmas party at Shea yesterday and from the picture on the back page of NEWSDAY her ornaments look lovely.,0,5430704.photogallery?coll=ny-mets-bigpix&index=1 For some reason the NY Daily News sent the slimy Highlander jock sniffer Filip Bondy to cover the festivities. Butt Boy Bondy rehashes all the Anna said this and Anna said that. Look you know the Skill Sets are very conservative and would love it if Anna kept her legs and mouth shut but just like Manny it�s Anna being Anna. I sure Kris Benson had to eat some shit while meeting with Omar Minaya as Anna has said some serious stuff that could cause a problem such as Omar is trying to make the Mets an �all-Latin team� and her diatribe on Carlos Delgado, remarks that are boarder line racist. But again that�s Anna being Anna. I love this line though from rat bastard Bondy�s story: {�I�m a TV personality, an actress, a model,� she (Anna) said. �People are going to be saying all sorts of things about me. My husband is not responsible for what I do and vice versa�} Don�t you wish that game shows like Match Game and To Tell The Truth were still on TV? Anna could be a modern day Kitty Carlisle. YO MIGUEL, KEEP IT ON THE DOWN LOW {�I know that Minaya was in contact with my agent, and for me it is flattering that he is interested in me�} Do tampering charges count if the tampered team is not in the U.S.? The Mets signed LHP Matt Perisho, INF Juan Tejada, C Sandy Martinez and OF Julio Ramirez. The only two that are intriguing are Perisho and Tejada. Perisho could be the LOOGY if he can show something come March and Tejada well after reading this paragraph you wonder if there is some kind of off field baggage he�s carrying that led to his release from the Tigers: Tejada, 23, played for Erie (AA) of the Eastern League last season. He batted .291 (137-470) with 27 doubles, 14 home runs and 82 RBI in 122 games for the Seawolves, an affiliate of the Tigers. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |