The Eddie Kranepool Society

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

ALL QUIET ON THE FLUSHING FRONT Not much news out of 126th St and Roosevelt Ave during this holiday week, humm.... you think Omar and his lieutenants are working on something big? With Johnny Damon defecting to the Evil Empire maybe Lucky Lucchino decides it's time to just let Manny go to the Mets for salary dump because let's face it how can you get market value for Manny? With Troy Glauss headed to Toronto could Omar be ready to phone Lucchino and tell him he'll take Manny of his hands for cost? With Damon jumping ship, how much sense does it make for the Sawx to keep an unhappy Manny on payroll. Hell, a happy Manny is a handful can you imagine the chaos Manny will cause if he really does want out and the Sawx don't move him. It's too quiet at Shea. I think Omar has something up his sleeve. I was going to write something funny about Jeff Reardon's bizarre arrest for robbing a jewelry store in Palm Beach, but then I read this story about the incident and it doesn't seem very funny. In fact it's quite sad: {Officials later said Reardon did not have a gun, and gave no resistance when arrested, and that the accused blamed the incident on a drug prescribed for depression. "He said it was the medication that made him do it, and that he was sorry," said Lt. David O'Neill, a police spokesperson. He added that Reardon, who has lived in the area for 20 years, had never caused a problem before. The former closer for the Expos, now 50, had a 20-year-old son who died of a drug overdose in February, 2004. He has a wife and two other children. "[That has] been very difficult for him and his family," said lawyer Mitchell Beers, after his client was released on $50,000 US bail. He added that Reardon also underwent a heart angioplasty last week, and has been taking medication for that.} < |