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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

WILL WE BE THE "HATED" METS ONCE AGAIN? One of the things I loved in the mid 80's was the Mets were "heels". The bad guys, as Jeff Perlman's wrote about. It's hard to imagine these past few years when no one really cared about the Mets but back then the Mets filled opposing stadiums where fans spewed venom against the Mets. With the Delgado trade and the Wagner signing is the bullseye back on the Mets? If it it is, it's ill placed. Don't blame Omar Minaya for going way beyond the call of contract on Billy Wagner. As he said last year and again this off season, when you trying to land a player who is established someplace else, you have to go that extra mile. Fact is if you want to "blame" anyone for the wild contract that the Mets gave Wagner, pin it on J. P. Riccardi up in Toronto with his deal with B.J. Ryan. Riccardi sees that the window of opportunity to win the AL East has now opened as the Sawx are in disarray and the Highlanders have become aging divas that have lost there beauty. Talk about an organization in serious need of some Botox injections. So Riccardi has been told by the Blue Jays to spend some dough and try to create a winner. But back to the Mets, I am more confused than ever about what direction Omar is going next? The media has made out that he wants Manny Ramirez in left field at Shea by any means necessary, but Omar himself makes it sound like he's done with bringing big names and big salarires to Shea: {You can't put this team together with just a whole bunch of salaried guys you know, we're lucky to have zero-to- three at third base, zero-to-three at short, and we're probably gonna have zero-to-three in right. And I like that flexibility. I like to be able to have those guys."} Now does Omar like them for the value they give the Mets on the field or as attractive trade chips? And how about this quote from Willie Randolph who is definitely on the hot seat in 2006: {It's nice to play rotisserie baseball, talking about this guy and that guy," he said, before he knew Wagner was a Met. "But you have to go out and play baseball."} It seems, reading between the lines, that Willie has the same concern that I have. Omar is doing a terrific job as Mets GM no doubt about that but I just hope he can calm down and not think he's invincible. All the accolades he is receiving about getting the players he sets his sites on I hope it doesn't go to his head. Let's face it power does corrupt (that's why there are term limits for elected office) and you just hope that Omar does not go crazy and chases Manny Ramirez with prime chattel like Milledge, Heilman, Seo and Banister. I hope his "0-3 years remark is a positive for the Mets and a detriment. Back to Willie for a minute (sorry I'm all over the palce today, I'm typing this while listening to Ed (Grey Goose) Coleman talking about another newsconfernce today for Billy Wagner) he has got to feel like he needs to get out this team out of the gate with a big streak. He cannot let them go 0-5 like last year. Everything changes with these two transactions. First off, you are already hearing people claim the Mets are the team to be in the NL East. Second, get set for the ratings war between SNY and YES. This is what Freddy Skill Sets dreamed about when he went forward on putting this network together, Mets games are now must see TV and all of Willie's peccadilloes will be seen by a bigger audience. Then add in that Willie will make $625K in '06 and $700K in '07 well you see where I'm going here. Pressure is something not seen on the field at Shea in awhile. Wasn't just two season ago that Freddy Skill Sets wanted to see meaningful games in September? Well now the faithful will settle for nothing less than a meaningful October. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |