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Thursday, November 10, 2005

�WHEN IT COMES TO HOT STOVE BASEBALL, NOBODY BEATS THE METS� I love that Omar Minaya is a very aggressive GM. I mean is there a star player out there that he�s not sent a feeler out on? Add to the list of usual suspects, like Manny, Billy Wagner, and Alfonso Soriano we can now add the following players on Omar�s shopping list: Trevor Hoffman B.J. Ryan Tom Gordon Danys Baez A.J. Burnett Kevin Millwood Esteban Lozia Julio Lugo Aubrey Huff Carlos Delgado And that�s just off the top of my head. I like that Omar keeps the Mets in the news and that he has a list of wants and he will not stop till he gets what he needs but I have one really big fear, that the Mets will turn into the Jets. I�m not a Jets fan but it seems to me the best time of year for Jets fans is the time right before the April draft all through spring and all of August training camp. That�s when you hear all the hype about how the Jets are going to the Super Bowl with a great defense and Chad Pennington running the offense and yada, yada, yada. When the season starts in September they go back to the same ol� Jets. Last winter Omar made a big splash with his dogged determination in signing Petey and Beltran, two players that most of the experts thought would never get a sniff of Shea. So far this off season it looks like Omar wants Billy Wagner and he will get his name on a contract by any means necessary, even if it costs an obscene amount of money and contract length to get him. Same with going after Manny, Omar has had a jones for Ramirez since he found out he was available and my biggest fear he will give away the �farm� to scratch his itch. Same with the catcher, either Bengi Molina or Ramon Hernandez as both players could be looking for the inflated NY price to get them here, when a terrific catcher like Brad Ausmus is out there and a lot cheaper. Back to Wagner for a minute, what do you make of these quotes? {�I can�t imagine why they (Phillies) wouldn�t have already gone to three years� Wagner told the Philadelphia Inquirer of the Phillies offer. �I can understand not wanting to do a full no-trade clause, but I can�t understand why there�re not going three years. I�m surprised.� �The longer it takes, the more chance there is of them being overtaken by another team� Wagner said. Starting (tomorrow) it�s going to be harder and harder for the Phillies to have my ear�..I think it�s only right that I hear other teams have to say---especially a great situation like the Mets�} Seems to me Wagner is telling Pat Gilick and Dave Montgomery �if you don�t give me what I want, you�ll be seeing me in your nightmares in blue and orange�. So now what if the Phillies match whatever the Mets offer to Wagner? Where does Wagner go all things being equal? Would the Mets go 3/ $33mil for Wagner? If they do I can�t see Philadelphia matching that but as a Mets fan that a huge contract for a closer whose name is not Mariano Rivera. Thank God I�m not a Jets fan as being a Mets fan is bad enough. �I HEARD THE NEWS TODAY OH BOY�� Francis the Talking Horses Ass will not be a part of the new SportNet NY. Read that again boys and girls and rejoice. As Gary Cohen moves over to the TV side, he could be cast with a revolving cast of analyist consisting of Al Leiter, David Cone and Keith Hernandez. The Mets are also looking at ex-White Sox radioman John Rooney and Marlins play by play man John Sciambi. As I�ve said in previous posts either guy would be a plus to the broadcast booth. Rooney is a nuts and bolts baseball announcer who has done a lot of national radio casts. Sciambi is a young up and comer who was a finalist for the Mets job to replace Murph, a job given to Howie Rose. The numbers crowd would embrace Sciambi as he belongs to the church of sabermetrics. (TO POST A COMMENT CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) . < |