The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR Gary Cohen will move from the radio play by play booth to the TV booth as the Mets and SportsNet NY have named him the new "face" of the Mets. SNY is looking to add either Keith Hernandez, Al Leiter or David Cone to the booth with Cohen which would make for a better TV announcing group than any other outlet around, local or national. The one draw back with Cohen going to TV is who replaces him on radio. Howie Rose is more than ready to take over the play by play job but I just hope that the Mets don't give the second slot to Ed (Grey Goose) Coleman. Coleman is a swell guy but I just don't like his straddle the fence way of annoucing. If you ever heard Coleman come on the air with Joe Beningo then you know what I'm talking about. Benigno would just about burst a blood vessel trying to get anything negitive out of Coleman and Coleman would get extremely pissed at Joe Bada Bing and his asshole partner at the time Sididiot. With John Rooney leaving the White Sox radio booth, he would be a great candiate to take the second spot on Mets radio broadcasts. As long as Francis The Talking Horses Ass doesn't get near a Mets broadcst next season, which it looks like he won't, we will all celebrate. < |