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Thursday, November 17, 2005

TREAD LIGHTLY OMAR I flipped on my desk radio at about 1:30 this afternoon and I hear My Big Fat Obnoxious Talk Show Host (MBFOTSH aka Mike Francesca) in his usually nasty tone tell a Mets fan that called in to say he would be against obtaining Manny Ramirez if Lastings Milledge is involved in the deal that �You Mets fans wouldn�t know Lastings Milledge if he was in front of you� What an asshole! We Mets fans know Milledge as well as Francesca knows a diner menu. MBFOTSH went on to say how do you know what Milledge will do or if he even will makes the majors. The more MBFOTSH went on about Milledge, my mood went from anger to embarrassment for Francesca. If anything he has no clue how good Milledge is and the fact that he excelled at every minor league level and in International play as well as the AFL. Then his partner the Mutt gave him this little tidbit from John Harper�s column in today�s Daily News about dealing Manny to the Mets: {�This could change, since they haven�t hired a GM�, one American League executive said last night, but I doubt it. (Larry) Lucchino will make this call, no matter who they hire. Milledge is the guy they want. A lot of people think he�s going to be a star. �He�s got the quickest bat out there. With his speed, people think he could be a .330-type hitter who will eventually hit 25 home runs a year. And he might be less than a year away (from being ready for the big leagues) Manny�s a great hitter, obviously but when you consider the money, If I�m the Mets I�d have a real tough time making that trade�} Of course MBFOTSH could not say �hey you know it is a tough call and Omar has a big decision to make� No he had to compare Milledge to Alex Ocha, and David West saying �they were can�t miss prospects as well�. How stupid is that statement? How does MBFOTSH know that Milledge is not another David Wright? Or a Darryl Strawberry minus the off the field problems? Sure I have never seen Milledge play but all I have read about the kid has been positive and the fact that the Mets really don�t want to part with him shows how much they think he could a be a star and a vital cog to go with Reyes and Wright in the future of this franchise. Omar is at a fork in the road here, does he go for Manny with Milledge and go balls to the wall in 2006 for does he walk away from the deal and hope that Milledge turns out to be the player that the vast majority of scouts, fans and guys who cover the minor leagues think he can be? Do you want to take a shot for a championship in the next year or two or do develop a team that is a contender for a few years? I am on record that I love Manny and I would love to have him on the Mets but I don�t think I can live with Milledge going to Boston for him. I rather build around the core of Reyes, Wright, Beltran and Milledge and spend the extra dough on pitching, Brian Giles in RF, and more pitching. This is a very tough decision for Omar and the his staff to make in fact Minaya�s future as the Mets GM could hinge on this move or non-move. Hopefully he makes the right decision. What the desicion is I really don�t know but you hope the Mets track record in these type of moves, which is not very good doesn�t come back to bite them in the ass. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |