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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

TEARS ON MY PILLOW PAIN IN MY HEART, OVER YOU! So much for being tough guys in Philly. Check out the opening of Paul Hagen's story on the Billy Wagner presser at Shea yesterday: {On the giant video screen in left-centerfield at Shea Stadium. On the sideboards down the lines. On a screen outside the old ballpark. On televisions everywhere inside the Diamond Club, where one of baseball's dominant closers was introduced as the latest purchase of the Mets yesterday after passing the physical that put the finishing touch on his 4-year, $43 million deal. Before Wagner stepped to the podium, Christmas songs played softly in the background. One seemed particularly appropriate: "Santa Claus is Coming to Town." Every day must seem like Christmas to the Mets, who a day earlier presented slugging first baseman Carlos Delgado in the same room. } oooh are we envious? Then Wagner made some quotes that seems like he and fellow hillbilly Jim Thome were pretty tight. Sure the Mets gave him $43 million reasons to sign here but even if the Mets did not come up with the coin I don't think Wagner wanted to back to Cheessteak Town: � He said the Mets had an ownership with "resources and a competitive edge." He was asked whether he thought the Phillies organization lacked a competitive edge. "In my mind, there's a difference between winning and being competitive," he said. "In the end, I think they were more interested in being competitive than winning... The Phillies are getting rid of one guy [Jim Thome] and the Mets are going out and buying up talent; that's what it all came down to." Wagner makes sense here. If your competivte and stay in the pennant race through Septemeber, you can draw good crowds and make some coin. So you could stay the course and spend the same ammount you did the year before to stay compettive and keep turning a profit. � On the impact Thome's trade to the White Sox had on his decision: "The whole time, me and Jimmy were talking. We thought everything was going in a different direction than we expected. I thought they had been on the verge of putting something good together." Wagner was looking for addtions instead of subtractions and with Thome going to the South Side and not even trying to get Ryan Howard to move to the outfield also showed the Phillies just want to stay the course. � On whether signing with the Mets instead of the Phillies furthered his stated goals of reaching the World Series and Hall of Fame: "No doubt. I'm expecting great things. I want to be part of something special, and I thought this was the place to be." Wagner has taken a big gulp of Omar's Kool Aid � On meeting new Phillies general manager Pat Gillick: "All the questions I asked him about who would be the relievers, who would be the starters, what about different positions, he didn't really have an answer. Because he just got there. It's just a situation where he came in a little too late." Hard to knock Gillick as he is a soild GM but he did just take over the program so I guess it was tough for him to let Wagner in on his work in progress. � On whether he was surprised the Phillies were not more aggressive in trying to keep him: "I gave them every opportunity to sign me back. So I really ain't surprised, considering I gave them 3 years at 24 [million] before the trading deadline, and they laughed at me." That would be more on Phillie Prez Dave Montgomery and the ex GM Ed Wade. I love that line "every day must seem like Christmas to the Mets" Fuckin' swell (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |