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Sunday, November 20, 2005

SLOW NEWS DAY As we head toward Thanksgiving not much Mets news is in the papers today. One item is that the Mets are looking at the Padres free agent OF Mark Sweeney as a left handed bat off the bench to replace newly Nationalized Marlon Anderson. Sweeney would be a great addtion to the bench as he could play the outfield and some first base. Sweeney last year hit .303/.403/.493 8 hr 37 rbi in 201 ab against right handed pitching. He made $575K last year and Omar has said he go as high as $1mil for a year of his services. These are the litte moves that makes Omar a good GM. Last years bench was terrific but Omar has said you don't give mlyi year deals to bench guys because every off season there are guys who are free agents or non-tenders that are good and cheap. As good as Anderson was last year in his role there is no way the Mets could give him a 2 yr deal. WAGNER WOOING BEGINS The Mets get their chance tomorrow to seduce Mr & Mrs Billy Wagner who reside in that busling metropolis known as Charlottesville VA. Now I've been to Charlottesville as I have a brother who lives in near by Lynchburg and both places a great if you don't enjoy social contact with other wordly human beings. Put it this way, Jerry Fallwell is THE MAN in that part of VA. If it's a home and schools the Wagner's are looking for then how can the Phillies top Westchester, Conneticut and the Gold Coast of LI? Bottom line with Wagner is he wants years and money. As badly as Omar wants Wagner as his closer, he has to have a figure that he won't go over, my guess is 4yr/44mil is it and I can not see the Phillies topping that. Espcially with the Jim Thome contract hanging like an albatoss around their necks. It's a good bet that Billy Wagner will be the Mets closer as Omar will put his Mets kama sutra to good use. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |