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Sunday, November 13, 2005

RADIO RADIO Well my top choice for Mets radio play by man is off the market. John Rooney has signed a 5 year deal to team with Mike Shannon to broadcast St. Louis Cardinals games. Rooney will replace Wayne Hagin, who you may remember accused Rockies first baseman Todd Helton of steroid abuse with out a stitch of evidence to show for a comment so damning. Shannon and Hagin never jelled so tossing Hagin overboard for Rooney is a coup for the Redbirds. Speaking of the Mets radio booth, it looks like former WFAN mid day host Dave Sims is now in the hunt for the play by play job. I have never heard Sims do a baseball game. He has done loads of college football and basketball and quite frankly is just ordinary at that. My second choice for the job John Sciambi is still in the running for the job. In Bob Rassiman's column today he (and the whole Daily News Sports Section as well) takes on ESPN for the story running in the recent issue of THE MAGAZINE that focuses on steroids in Baseball. The News claims it is rehashed stories that the News ran last summer. I mention it here because disgraced ex-Mets GM Steve Phillips makes claims that Mets farm hands were on the juice while he was a player in the Mets system. He also says there were players on the big league roster that were juicers as well. If we know nothing about Phillips we know he's a weasel of the highest order. In fact if you saw those mock press conferences on the World Wide Leader well then you know why with all the GM jobs open his name is never mentioned. NOT ONLY HAVE THE SKILL SETS STARTED A NEW TV NETWORK, BUT THEY ALSO HAVE FOUND OIL IN THEIR LONG ISLAND BACKYARDS. That can be the only explaination for the money offers that Omar Minaya has been making to just about every free agent on the market. Today, Minaya is looking at RH fireballer Todd Farsnworth and LH Scott Frye. Also B.J. Ryan is still on the Minaya radar as a tag team partner with Billy Wagner. With all this grocery shopping done by Omar, I hope he dosen't come home with a bunch of dented cans. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |