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Thursday, November 24, 2005

MORE GOOD METS NEWS Not only do the Mets have the slugger they needed in Carlos Delgado but it looks like they will hold on to their Prize possession Lasting Milledge: {But the Mets are unlikely to go after the Rangers' Alfonso Soriano, and in taking on the $48 million Delgado is owed over the next three seasons, it appears that Minaya's obsession with Boston's Manny Ramirez may never lead to his acquisition. Delgado's contract also calls for the Mets to pay him nearly $1.5 million more to account for New York's state income tax. } Music to my ears. Think about it, the lineup right now is good enough to win a playoff spot and from the looks of things Billy Wagner will be a Met and I would not be surprised that Ramon Hernandez will follow right after Wagner. But the best part is the Mets still have Milledge, Heilman, Seo, Gaby Hernandez, Brain Banister and Mike Pelfry should be in the fold soon as well. I was listing to Buck Martinez on WFAN yesterday talking about the Delgado trade and I could not believe how clueless he was on Yusmerio Petit. First off MBFOTSH and Russo kept calling him PET-IT instead of Pe-tee. Both those shumcks has no clue on how good Petit is but they still felt they could give expert commentary on him. But anyway, Martinez went on to compare Petit to Felix Hernandez! HUH? King Felix throws his fastball at 97-99 mph whereas Petit's is at just a smidge above 90. The King overpowers hitters and Petit has a deceptive delivery a la Sid Fernandez. Both have great control but the only real similarity here is both are form Venezuela. If Francessa and Russo were at all hip to what goes in in baseball the would have called Baseball America to get Jim Calis on or get in contact with John Sickels but that would take brain power something both dopes lack.

I want to wish all you folks a Happy Thanksgiving and let me say how thankful I am to have you guys stop at this site and read what I have to say. The comments and e-mails I get are fantastic even the one's that don't agree with me. In fact I like those the best because as we all know despite the present climate in this country, the U.S. was bulit on the exchange of free ideas. In fact the real patriots are the ones who don't stand by and who voice their objections and try to do what's right.

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