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Friday, November 18, 2005

METS MINUTIAE It seems that Manny to the Mets may be dead and Omar has turned to the downtrodden Marlins who look to be ready to hold Fire Sale II. Reports out of So Fla say Carlos Delgado could be headed to Flushing, and the price could be high: {The key to any deal with the Mets, however, would be Venezuelan right-hander Yusmeiro Petit, New York's top pitching prospect. The Marlins also could ask for some combination of young right-hander Aaron Heilman, first baseman Mike Jacobs or middle infielder Chris Woodward. } Pretty steep price but if you could take Heilman out of the equation, it's a deal that should be made. I would love to substitue Trachsel for Petit but I don't think that's the kind of player Larry Beinfest is looking for. If Heilman is in the deal then Omar should try to get Guillermo Mota in the deal as Mota is up for a big arbitration raise. Plus with Piazza not a Met anymore, Mota will be a welcome in the Mets clubhouse. It's amazing how broke the Fish are that they have to go and sell off players like Delgado. LoDuca, Lowell and Mota: {Dumping salary remains the Marlins' primary offseason focus. According to one baseball source with knowledge of their situation, the Marlins' payroll could dip to $50 million next season, even lower than previously thought.That would be a decrease of almost 25 percent from the franchise-record $66 million they spent to open last season. "Fifty [million] is their absolute point of pain," the source said. "They are in dire straits. "Money has grown so tight that most of the Marlins' top scouts and player-development staffers received annual raises of 1 percent or less. The team canceled several international scouting trips that had been scheduled.} Can you say "CONTRACTION"? Not for anything but Omar has to be salivating as it looks like the Marlins will not be a contender in '06 and the Nats still have no owner and if the Mets can throw enough money at Billy Wagner that puts a big hurting on the Phillies and the Braves...well I'm not going to burry them yet. I've learned my lesson. But you have to say the NL East is being served on platter for the Mets.,0,6304197.story?coll=sfla-sports-headlines Bob Raisman points out how Manny's salary would pay for itself as he would be a number 1 draw for SNY. One point that Raisman makes that rings very true. If the Mets were to land Manny and say Billy Wagner that makes SNY a must see TV and puts tons of pressure on Cablevison to forego their usual bullshit song and dance when it comes to competeing programing. The out cry for SNY with a Mets team that if the moves that Omar has put in place come true will be a top conteneder for the NL pennant will be amazing. I want to see Cablevison keep them off their system. From today's NY Post: {ESPN's Jon Sciambi, who grew up in New York, is one of the leading candidates to replace Gary Cohen on WFAN's Mets' broadcast. His agent, Maury Gofstrand, said that Sciambi has an out in his ESPN contract that would allow him to go to FAN. Sciambi currently hosts a radio show in Miami and calls mostly TV games for ESPN. } This one is a no-brainer. PEOPLE LET ME TELL YA 'BOUT MY BEST FRIEND CHICKEN LITTLE-THE SEQUEL I DON'T KNOW WHY, BUT I FIND THIS SAD {Minnesota called me, and to me there is interest in Mike," said Dan Lozano, Piazza's agent. "Minnesota definitely is a team Mike is willing to listen to. At this point, it's a little bit premature to determine what's going to happen and where Mike's going to end up." BILLY DON'T BE A HERO: {The Phillies said their piece, and Billy Wagner most definitely said his. And? "I'm very optimistic," Wagner said yesterday. "They've got my ear." The Phillies did not make another contract offer, but that offer is expected to come shortly - perhaps early next week, when Wagner is in New York visiting with the Mets on Monday and Tuesday. Both parties described the morning meeting as a more of a get-to-know-Gillick session, and an opportunity for the new general manager to alleviate some concerns Wagner has had about the team. "I got a really good vibe from him," Wagner said. "Me and my agent were talking afterward, and we were really upbeat about the meeting. I think he's got a game plan. I think he's wanting to do some great things. I'm excited and pumped about that. "I like how Pat described the direction he wanted to go in. He wants to build a championship team. Not just for one year, but for many years."} I can't take the disingenous bullshit by pro athletes. Wagner wants money and the Mets will give it to him. The Phillies won't go 4yrs/$40 mil so why do we have to go through this dance? Wagner is really starting to piss me off. And if signs with Mets I have forget all this negotiation bullshit? I can't I'm Irish and I can hold a fuckin' grudge forever. Oh and if he goes back to Philly, the first time the Phillies come to Shea, I'm getting locked up. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |