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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

MANNY SI` MANNY NO! The Manny to the Mets saga continues as reports have the Mets talking to the Swax about Manny to the Mets. Who to believe? Manny won't come to New York! Manny could come to New York! Manny wants out of Boston! Manny wants to stay in Boston! Sawx want Manny gone! Sawx want Manny to stay! Christ, my head is spinning! Sure Manny's agent says Manny wants to be Manny in either Cleveland, Anaheim or Arizona but of those three clubs only the Angels can afford his bloated contract and they need Manny the least. So it seems Manny either stays in Boston or he comes to the Mets. But Omar can't get hung up here on Manny and let other players get away. From reading today's Mets news it looks as if Omar has not put all his eggs in a Manny basket. It looks as though he Mets are looking toward Tampa for a deal the would send Aubry Huff and Dannys Baez to Flushing. I've been intrqued by Huff for a while as he can play both 1st base and the outfield. Last year was the first time in three season he did not drive in100 runs (92 RBI) and his average numbers took a dive in 2005: 2003: .311/.367/.555 2004: .297/.360/.493 2005 .261/.321/.428 Now the question is this a progressive downward turn or just the product of playing for a team the blows every year? Huff is 29 years old so age is no factor and maybe on a team the contends it gets his jucies going again but I would still put up a big yellow caution flag up on Huff. Baez would be OK as a set up man but I would not bring him in as a closer. Last year he saved 41 games good for 5th in the AL. He also tied with Miguel Batista and Francisco Cordero for most blown saves in the league with 8. In 72.1 innings Baez K'd 51 and Walked 30, not a good ratio. He has never had to save a big game and he's never been battle tested so to bring him here to the Mets as a closer would be a major blunder. Now if you can get both Huff and Baez and include them in a trade for Manny and not give up either Milledge or Heilman ,well then we Mets fans will be farting through silk. In this same article the Soriano to the Mets angle comes up again as it has the last two off seasons. Could this be the winter than LIl' Sori joins the Mets? Sori did commit 21 errors last year, 15 of which were throwing errors. His range is teriffic but the problem seems to be the balls he gets to that most second basemen would never attemp to get he makes erractic throws that lead to his errors. Working with a fielder like Jose Reyes at short would help sori cut down his miscuse dramaticly. we know Sori can hit so maybe this is the time to bring him on board for a seaosn before he can be a free agent? Also it was noted that the Mets have talked to Brad Ausmus' agent and have some interest in him. Good move there a Ausmus/Castro platoon could be just as good if not better and cheaper than going for Molina or Ramon Hernandez. (To Post a Comment Click on the Time of this Posting) < |