The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

�A-LAY ALAY, ALAY, ALAY A-LAY A-LAY� Take down those Free Alay Soler posters, our man Soler is free at last and in the St. Lonesome compound getting his Cuban wing ready for spring 2006. Soler may take a trip to the Dominican for some winter ball where he last pitched. At 26 years of age (may we see proof, please) who knows what the Mets have here. If the best the Mets get out of Soler is a long reliever, then the signing was a success. B-B-B BENGI AND THE METS So Bengi Molina�s agent say his client is interested in the Mets. Rafael Furcal�s agent says his client would be willing to play 2nd base for the Mets. Sammy Sosa, Omar�s man crush, is a free agent. Where have we seen this before? With a very weak free agent crop this year these players on the stroll need the Mets to inflate their worth. We will know a lot about Omar Minaya and the how this organization will fare for the future by the way he handles the teams new found beauty. In years past under the yokels like Al Harazin and Steve Phillips, free agents were like grifters running scams on the Mets, let�s hope that Omar has his �street smarts� about him with deal with this pack of con men. �LAST OF LOOPER� The Mets have decided not to pick up the $5.5 mil option on Braden Lopper�s contract. Shocking huh? Now there has been some talk about brining Looper back at a fraction of that cost to be a set up man. Please I think we�ve seen enough. What is with this Mets fan base that it just can�t let guys go who are not of value anymore? Same with Mike Piazza. He was a great player for this team and was well compensated for it but it�s time to let him go. There have been some murmurs about the Highlanders signing Piazza as a backup catcher/DH. Well. All the best Mike. Remember the Minaya Mantra �Younger and more Athletic� �OH DIOS MIO THEO� It�s always traumatic when children leave the nest. < |