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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

ITEM: SENATORS JOHN MC CAIN AND JIM BUNNING DISLOCATE SHOULDERS PATTING THEMSELVES ON THE BACK Sure the new steroids/amphetamine testing/punishment mandate is a good thing but as Congress and The Used Car Salesman take all the bows, the bad guys are still cooking up performance drugs in factories around the country that can not be detected. Plus there is still no way of finding HGH, but the bigger story is not steroids it's the testing for amphetamines. I heard Sen. Jim Bunning on TV today and when he was asked if he saw "greenines" when he played he said no. Bunning is very naive or an idiot because amphetamines have been around baseball for close to fifty years. and another thing, stop this bullshit about "this is for the kids as they look up to these players" First the game has been populated by drunks, gamblers, domestic abusers and racist for years which to me would be more of a bad influence on kids than players using performance enhancers. If you really want to do "something for the children" then go after the tobacco and alcohol company's that slant their advertising toward teens. If you ever saw a Coors Light commercial then you know what I mean. But that will never happen as thesesfolks are big contributors to the campaigns of the good Congresspeople. Maybe sometime soon Sen. McCain and Bunning will question Rummy, Bugsy Cheney, Dum Dum Dubya about their exit strategy in Iraq they way they went after Don Fehr. Don't hold your breath. OMAR WILL GET GOOD USE OF HIS DINERS CLUB CARD THIS WEEKEND He we go again, the Mets will wine and dine Japanese catcher Kenji Jojima who according to reports out of Seattle wants to be a Mariner. We have all read Jojima's resume of Gold Gloves and offensive prowess and it looks to me as Kazuo Matsui all over again. Obviously Omar's Mets money is burning a hole in his pocket even though going after Brad Ausmus would be the best signing at catcher, it seems he wants either Molina, Hernandez or Jojima so if your going to spend the dough then spend on Moilina and take Jojima to Gray's Papaya for his New York meal.,0,288803.story?coll=ny-sports-print (TO POST A COMMENT CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |