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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I'M EVEN MORE CONFUSSED NOW I just read the Klapper's column and it looks like Omar and Lucky Larry Lucchino will sit down next week at the winter meetings to bang out this Manny to the Mets deal: {Minaya and Sox president Larry Lucchino have agreed to speak face-to-face next week during the winter meetings in Dallas, at which point they'll wrestle with the only remaining obstacle: Who'll pay what percentage of Ramirez's salary? One Met executive said "money would have to be moved" to accommodate Manny's $19 million annual salary, but shedding Floyd's $6.6 million per would go a long way toward convincing the Wilpons to make the economic stretch. Already, the Mets have decided that if it's only dollars that separate them from Manny, they'll find a way to bring him to Flushing. As much as the club loves Milledge's trend line, one senior official said, "You're talking about the difference between a Hall of Famer and a guy who's never played a day in the big leagues." In other words, the Mets are moving ever closer to the Yankees' win-now philosophy, motivated entirely by their appetite for new network subscribers. Jeff Wilpon admitted as much when he said, "We want to create something exciting on the field instead of waiting for the minor-leaguers to produce."} "GULP"! Seems like if Lucky Larry takes Floyd and maybe KazMat to make up the cash, the Mets will add Milledge in the pot for a sweetner. Again we are now seeing Little Jeffy sticking his beak into the baseball operation and that's not good news. Last year he kept his pie hole shut but it looks like that's not going to last. The Met-Mobile is going at a break neck speed I just hope it doesn't get wrapped around a tree . (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |