The Eddie Kranepool Society

Saturday, November 26, 2005

HEY LOOK WHO'S IN THE NEWS The Highlanders have finally made the papers with an off season move. They have raised ticket prices. Field level seats which are for the corporate assholes will go from $90 a seat to $110 a seat. These seats are bought by corporations anyway so it really does not effect the great unwashed who venture to the home of the Bronx Robber Baron. But get a load of the quotes from the Highlander diciples about the raise in price: {It's ridiculous," said Bob Ostrowski, 62, a hotel security guard from the lower East Side. "A typical New York family - a man with his wife and two kids - are priced out. Forget it!" } Ah Mr. Ostrowski, the Highlander management does not want the typical New York family at their games. No , they like the white collar shitheads and the transplanted dicks who jump on their bandwagon. {"Like they need more money!" said Gavin Tormollon, 29, a teacher from Seaside Park, N.J. "My whole family is Yankees fans, but this is another example of the Yankees being big bullies. They're pumping their fans to pay their out-of-control salaries. "I'd rather spend the $110 to see the Mets - and they suck."} First off Mr. Tormollon, you suck sir. Second, you say the Mets suck and you come from a long line of Highlander fans but you would spend $110 to see the Mets rather than spend that dough on the Highlanders. With you being an teacher that does not put the Seaside Park education system in a good light. By the way did I tell you that you suck! {The prices for upper-deck reserved seats, $19 in advance of individual games and $20 on days of games, and bleacher seats, $12, will stay the same.} This is good news for the Highlander fans that sit in thoses seats as they are the folks that go through your recycling for bottles and cans that have 5 cent deposit to pay for thier tickets. < |