The Eddie Kranepool Society

Sunday, November 20, 2005

HAYMAKERS FROM HEYMAN Jon Heyman states in his column today that the New York Highlanders are not as desirable as MBFOTSH, Shilling Sterling, Metrosexual Kay and the rest of the Highlander bloviators who think that the South Bronx is baseball's Mecca. So far Pee-Wee Cashman is having a tough time getting anyone to take the Bronx Robber Barons dirty dollars. MBFOTSH has been saying since the end of the season that B.J. Ryan would be privilaged to take a back seat to Arch Bishop Rivera and be his warm up act. HA! Ends up Ryan wants to close and he hated Lee Mazzilli (join the club, I remeber when MAZ was drafted by the Mets it was amazing he could his head through the front door of his Bensonhurst home) Scott Eyre turned them down as did Jose Mesa. JOSE MESA? Christ that's like getting turned down for a date by one of those chicks with a cleft palate on The Swan. WOW Well enough of the suffering of our neighbors to the north. The Mets are trying to narrow down the choice of catcher: {With Kenji Jojima showing no interest in coming to New York, either, the Mets' main catching choices come down to Bengie Molina and Ramon Hernandez. But to some Mets scouts, there's only one choice: Hernandez. While Molina looked good in the playoffs, the Mets have surprisingly negative scouting reports on his defense.} Repeat after me Brad Ausmus, Brad Ausmus..............,0,530186.column?page=2&coll=ny-sports-columnists < |