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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

GREAT FEATURE ON VIC POWER Writer extraordinar Alex Bleth (one of the few Highlander fans I like) has a great piece on his Bronx Banter site on Vic Power and his being blocked to the big leagues by the Highlanders. Here is Power on playing in NYC: "I didn't care too much because I just wanted to play in the majors. I would have been a big attraction in New York because of all the blacks and Puerto Ricans, but the Yankees didn't want me. Or maybe they didn't want blacks and Puerto Ricans coming to Yankee Stadium. (In the mid-50s, the Puerto Rican fans would hold a day for me in Yankee Stadium. They had a trophy to give me before the games, but the Yankee organization wouldn't let them give it to me at home plate, so they held the ceremony in the stands. That game I hit 2 homers, on against each pole.) I would always hit my best against the Yankees." This is article is a must read. Click here and thank me later < |