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Friday, November 04, 2005

�GOOD-BYE ROOOOSEY THE QUEEN OF CORONA SEE ME AND JULIO DOWN BY THE SCHOOLYARD� I�m hoping this is just a case of Daily News sports editor Leon Carter, ordering Adam Rubin to write something on the Mets in today�s Daily News as Rubin reports that the Mets are looking at 67 year old Julio Franco as the right handed component of a first base platoon with lefty swinging Mike Jacobs. In 107 AB�s vs. leftie pitching, Franco hit .271/.365/.449 5 HR 21 RBI . I could see the Mets going with a righty/lefty platoon at 1st base but I would go after Matt LeCroy, Xavier Nady or Wes Helms to go with Jacobs. An even better move would going after Shea Hillenbrand (.325/.361/.525 vs. LHP) Omar could make a blockbuster deal with J.P. Ricardi with Hillenbrand and Orlando Hudson? Yes I know very weak OBA but the best glove of any second baseman in baseball. �OMAR MINAYA: BOUNTY HUNTER� Omar Minaya and his posse (Asst. GM�s John Rico and Tony Bernazard) have made their way to Virginia to visit closer de jour Billy Wagner. How would you like to be new Phillie GM Pat Gilick on your first couple of days on the job, your main rival is breaking bread with the one free agent you must retain to stay competitive in baseballs best division? Minaya seems very determined to get Wagner�s named on the on a blue and orange contract. Wagner�s agent Bean Stringfellow has laid out the parameters of at least 3 yr/$30 mil plus a no trade clause. So it would stand to reason that Freddy Skill Sets has ok�d the lay out of Mets Money to match that demand. The question is how long do the Phightin� Phills stay in this game of High Stakes Closer? �FILE THIS UNDER FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN� Jon Heyman writes today that the Mets are thinking of making a run at Japanese catcher Kenji Jojima.. This seems a bit of a stretch to me. Even though Jojima is touted as an plus defensive catcher and a productive hitter, is he played the outfield I would be more in favor of such a move but catcher is a position of communication and it would seem to me that this would be the biggest drawback with Jojima as I don�t know how much English or Spanish for that matter Jojima speaks so I just think it�s a reach. We have heard all of the Benji Molina/Ramon Hernandez talk for sure but I would have to take a close look at Brad Ausmus as a pairing of Castro and Ausmus would make the Mets one of the best up the middle teams in baseball defensively.,0,7880567.column?coll=ny-sports-columnists �ARE THE METS BREAKING CHILD LABOR LAWS?� Lasting Milledge will play for Team USA in the Olympic qualifying tournament November 15-19. Can we let this young man catch his breath? (TO POST A COMMENT CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |