The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

FROM THE DESK OF BUSTER ONLEY {If, in fact, the Mets part with their top pitching prospect to get Delgado, while absorbing all of Delgado's financial obligations, they are insane. They could offer a bag of balls at this point and Florida will take a deal, so long as the Mets are taking the contract. Again, there is no question that the Mets are going to have the best offseason, on paper, of any team in the majors: They're probably going to sign Billy Wagner, they could get Delgado very soon, and they're going to get a good catcher. But the trademark of Omar Minaya's dealings so far is that he overpays for everything. He can get Delgado, and that's great. But why overpay for him? Why not tell the Marlins, Look, you don't have teams beating down your door to take his contract. We'll do you a favor and take his contract, and you'll take one Grade B-minus prospect from this list of three, along with this backup Class A catcher, and you'll be thrilled with that. Landing Pedro, Beltran, Wagner, Delgado, all good. But at some point, the bill is going to come due, and the Mets at least have to try to pay market value, rather than spending above and beyond that in each and every deal.} That is embrassing. I could rant and rave about what an asshole Olney is but the truth is when he was the Highlander beat man for the Times he wrote the best game stories in NY. But for some reason he hates the Mets. It's strange, Onley, Murray Chass, Fat Bastard and Fruit Loops they all hate the Mets to the point they embrasses themselves when they talk about the team. I don't get it. Fats and Loops are killing the Mets about Delgado. They both say he's not one of the best players in baseball! Imagine this! and they get paid for being assholes! Guarenteed if the Highlanders made a deal like this Onley, Chass, and Francessa would race to the South Bronx to polish Pee Wee Cashman's knob. < |