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Monday, November 21, 2005

FISH FRY According to today�s Daily News, Jeffery Loria (a/k/a The Art Dealer) has lost control of running the Marlins to his stepson David Samson. Samson is the son of Loria�s ex-wife and is ready to cut the Fish payroll to $40 mil. From the looks of things Carlos Delgado will be moved but it won�t be to the Mets. The Orioles look like Delgado�s final resting place with his back loaded contract. Delgado made $4mil last year, the first of a 4yr/$52mil deal. It seems as well that there are clauses in the deal that escalates the money if the state he plays in has a state income tax. But it doesn�t look as though the money in Delgado not coming to the Mets but it seems there is a personality problem between the Mets and Delgado. There must be some sort if history between Delgado and Omar�s right hand man Tony Bernazard that could date back to Bernazard's time as leader in the MLBPA. It seems when Delgado met Bernazard last here during contract talks he called Bernazard �the highest paid translator on the planet�. It has been noted as well that for some reason Delgado was offended when Bernazard tries to use the fact that both men shared the same Puerto Rican heritage as a way to get Delgado to join the Mets. Delgado seems to be a complex guy to be kind about it. Why would you get pissed off if a guy tried to use �a brothers in arms� approach to join the organization? I mean if you�re a Latino you would think a guy like Delgado would be proud to join an organization where the top man in the front office is Latino and the organization is trying very hard to sign as much Latin talent as they can? Very strange. The article also mentions that Paul LoDuca and Luis Castillo are also available. Castillo would be a nice addition at 2nd base and in the lead off spot with his high OBA but he has had some injury problems so I would not give up much player wise to get him. Castillo will make $5mil in �06 with a team option for $5.75 in �07. When he was a free agent a couple of years ago the Mets were very interested in Castillo and he just 30 years old so this would be a good match for the Mets. As for LoDuca the best thing I can say about him is he was born in Brooklyn, other than that he is a descent catcher and the he has the title as �good in the clubhouse� but he makes an un-fuckin-believeable $13.5 mil over the next two seasons. NO THANK YOU! I'll take one Castillo and a Guillermo Mota and I'll give you a Brain Bannister, Matt Lindstrom and a A baller. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |