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Saturday, November 26, 2005

EVEN WHEN HE'S ON HOLIDAY, OMAR KEEPS ON WORKING After scoring big with Carlos Delgado, Omar Minaya and family took a trip to the Dominican Republic for some well deserved R & R. But ever the hardest work man in baseball, Minaya managed to hold a conference call with the media and send out offers to both Bengi Molina and Ramon Hernandez. Now why would the send offers to both players who play the same position? I looks like there is a bit of spilt in the front office on who is the better player per dollar. The consensus is that Ramon Hernandez is the better of the two, both offensively and defensively and he's a year younger that Bengi, he's a National Leaguer, and he has worked with Professor Rick when both were in Oakland so the best bet is that Hernandez will be the choice and by offering Moilna a deal will only get Hernandez to sign faster. Not only that, I have a strong feeling that there is ground work being laid for a Soriano to the Mets deal. The Winter Meetings are a week away and it looks like Omar wants to have his closer and catcher on board before he heads to the meetings. Once there I can see Omar coming home with Alfonso Soriano as the Mets 2006 second baseman. I'm just holding my breath that the Rangers look at it as a cost cutting move and that Lastings Milledge is not involved in the deal but I 'm not optimistic that he won't be and that I will extremly cranky if this happens . This whole Delgado/God Bless America debate has me laughing out loud. Really who cares? First off God Bless America is just a song. It's not the National Anthem OK. If Delgado had said he would not stand for the Star Spangled Banner then I would be be highly pissed off. The playing of God Bless America in the 7th inning came after September 11th. Every team in baseball played it for about a year then little by little in went by the wayside with no backlash whatsoever. Of course the one place they play it during every game is in the South Bronx, the home office for phony bastards. Think about it, Delgado is a man of high moral fiber. His protest was first due to the U.S. using his hometown of Vienes P.R. for bombing maneuvers that were harmful to people and the environment of the town. Then he felt that the war in Iraq was unjust so he continued his demonstration. Now if you have read anything about Delgado you know that he is not un-American. He is also one of the most charitable athletes in pro sports and he's far from a radical. He is a very intelligent man and a proud man as we see his biggest beef with Tony Bernazard was Bernazard talking to him in thug language. Think about that, a pro athlete who DOES NOT want to be associated with street life. David Stern would give a years salary to have a guy like Delgado in the NBA. Most of the critics of Delgado's action are the same simpletons who during the National Anthem, do not remove their hats, are busy talking on their cell phones, are shoving hots dogs and beer into their faces and either picking their noses or scratching their balls. Some of these neanderthals are very talented and can do both. Oh and remember this folks, the guy who pumps out God Bless America in the South Bronx is a convicted felon who can not even vote. Well, with B.J. Ryan signing a 4yr/$47 mil deal with the Blue Jays, you know Billy Wagner and his agent Beanstalk are doing a friggin' jig. The Ryan deal all but guarantees that Wagner will ask for 4yr/$40mil which I think the Mets knew all along it would take to land Wagner. Remember what Omar has said, when yo uwant a guy to leave a place where he is comfortable and established you have to go the extra mile, so consider that 4th year and extra $10mil the longest mile. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |