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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

THE COURTSHIP OF BILLY WAGNER If I had a million dollars We wouldn't have to walk to the store If I had a million dollars Now, we'd take a limousine 'cause it costs more If I had a million dollarsWe wouldn't have to eat Kraft Dinner But we would eat Kraft Dinner Of course we would, we�d just eat more And buy really expensive ketchups with it That�s right, all the fanciest ke... dijon ketchups!Mmmmmm, Mmmm-Hmmm I am getting a very queasy feeling over Omar�s romancing of Billy Wagner. Word is that Wagner will meet with Omar, Jeffy and Freddy Skill Sets to take a tour of the Rich and Famous of NYC�s lavish suburbs. It�s clear that the Mets will have to overpay in years and money to land Wagner to fill their top priority of the off season, landing a closer, but is Wagner really worth all this bother? It�s going to cost a minimum 3yrs/$30mil to bring Wagner to Shea but at that price the Phillies would certainly match that offer. So Omar will have to either up the years or the cash, but how high do you go? 3yrs/$36mil? 4yrs/40mil? Where does common sense take over? First off if I�m the Mets GM, I�m on the horn to the Dodgers to see if Eric Gagne is available? By the way, who do I call if want to deal with the Dodgers? My second choice might be to give a call to Denver and the Rockies to see if a package of Kazuo Matsui (and half his money) plus a minor leaguer could bring Brian Fuentes (10.23 K/9IP avg from 2003-2005) to NY. Let�s say it does. Then you could sign Octavio Dotel to an incentive laden deal and also sign Kyle Farnsworth (10.86 K/9IP) and Scott Eyre as free agents and still not spend close to the $10-$12 mil you will spend on Wagner (10.66 K/9IP). You could even go after Brendan Donnelly (9.33 K/9IP) and Damso Marte (9.47 K/(IP) both very getable and move Aaron Heilman into the rotation and use Kris Benson or Steve Trachsel as trade fodder and go set Javier Vasquez. How is this for a staff: RHP Pedro Martinez LHP Tom Glavine RHP Kris Benson RHP Javier Vasquez RHP Aaron Heilman RHP Jae Seo RHP Victor Zambrano RHP Brendan Donnelly RHP Kyle Farnsworth RHP Octavio Dotel LHP Scott Eyre LHP Brain Fuentes Package Benson, Trax and Mike Cameron for some offense (Manny?) and sign Bengi Molina or Brad Ausmus to catch and you have yourself a contender and enough money left to upgrade come the July trade deadline. I know the Omar won�t go this route as he wants to make the big splash on the back page of the tabloids but I really am sick and tired of the Mets making the big splash in the papers in the winter. I want to see this team makes it�s splash in October. NOT FOR NUTHIN� BUT WHO WANTS SUTTON? Word is SportsNet NY is looking at Don Sutton as a partner for Gary Cohen on Mets telecasts. WHY? Who the hell wants Don Sutton doing Mets games? Has anyone been impressed with Sutton�s work on TBS? I didn�t think so. What�s the deal with Keith Hernandez? Does he want the job? Does he want too much money? Am I asking too many questions? SNY has ruled out Ron Darling as they feel he does not have enough experience as a color commentator. I thought Darling was very good on the Nationals broadcasts I heard him do plus as a 13 year major league veteran he knows the game very well and as a graduate of Yale he can put some words together to make a coherent thought and he did work for a major league team. I don�t get it. (TO POST A COMMENT CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |