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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

CASA de MANNY IS FOR SALE Manny Ramirez must be serious about this no-mas Boston as he has but his penthouse condo up for sale. For the price of four season tickets to see the Highlanders you could own this beautiful condo. The writers of this article got a walk thru of Casa de Manny by his real estate broker. The got to see some interesting things: {What other husband could get away with parking his red mountain bike next to the haute home theater in the living room? Or stashing his white shoes and filthy batting helmet on the dining room buffet? } Are there any penthouses in Washington Heights? There is also mention of the keepmanny website that I just wrote about and it looks as if Manny is the man-ny of the people: {�I swear to never approach (or even make eye contact with) Manny at a shopping mall,� writes Bob Magee. Well! That could seal the deal right there! Tim Bergen offered to get Manny a midget, a la Nelson de la Rosa, whilst Nick V. had a more direct approach. He would �take Omar Minaya out in the back and rough him up.� Nick must be from the North End . . . . Many fans vowed to give Manny some space, including Gautam Huded, who said: �I will avert my eyes whilst in his presence.� Paul McKenna came up with a winner, a plan to �change the Citgo sign to a Dominican flag.� Andrew Carlson was also willing to go all in and �let my sister date Derek Jeter.� Cara Albanese offered to �keep the inside of the Monster scoreboard stocked with refreshments,� whilst Andrew Halley is wont to pony up a potty behind Manny�s Monster. How thoughtful! Many fans offered to run out grounders for the slacker while others said they would wash his car, oil his gloves, drive his kids to school and one even offered to paint a picture of Lucchino �with wings and a halo� if he keeps the World Series MVP. } Memo to Mr. Nick V-Don't hate the playa, hate the game (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |