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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

BILLY WAGNER�S PROM NIGHT I�m sitting in my cubicle this morning at work reading the NY Daily News while having my coffee and bagel when a co-work came by to ask me a question. Instead of the work related question that she came to me for she just looked at me and asked, �Are you feeling alright�. It seems my face was as red as the bottom of a thermometer and I was muttering profanities. The reason for my semi-breakdown was I was reading about Billy Wagner�s Day in the City. As you all know this wine, dine and gangbang the Mets go through to sign free agents bothers the shit out of me to no end. That Wagner has to be shown towns like Greenwich CT and Larchmont in Westchester are swell (nod to you Mike Oliver) places to live is ridiculous. My God this is NYC not Charlotte or some other dip shit town, that Mets have to sell the area to the Wagner�s makes my blood boil. What makes all this worse, as pissed off as I am now if Wagner signs here I have to leave all this anger and go out and get a Wagner 13 Mets shirt. So Omar is supposed to offer Wagner a 3yr/$30 mil contract offer today. I bet the Phillies match that. So it will be back to the Mets to go to either a 4th year or stay at 3 years and go to say $36 mil. Bottom line is the Mets won�t be out bid as Omar pines for Wagner but Wagner seems to be playing hard to get. CATCH ME NOW I�M FALLING Most likely it�s a negotiation tactic but there is chatter that the Mets are now looking at D-Rays Toby Hall and Paul LoDuca to join the Mets. Most reports have Ramon Hernandez and Bengi Molina as the top candidates, with Hernandez having a slight lead, to become the Mets catcher. As far as defense goes, none of the catchers out there come close to Brad Ausmus. As an all around catcher, Ramon Hernandez or Paul LoDuca would fit that bill. LoDuca would cost you players plus over $12 mil the next two years, whereas Ramon Hernandez gives you a solid receiver and a good bat and costs you money only. Bengi Molina looks to be overrated as he�s living off a terrific post season. Toby Hall does not excite me at all as he he�s a sub par defender and not enough of a hitter for me to give up a package that would include Jae Seo (the D-Rays would have to add Julio Lugo for the deal to make sense) My choice would be Ausmus but I feel like the Mets will sign Hernandez. FROM WALLY GOBETZ� NY METS-L@LISTERV: {The St. Louis Post Dispatch reports the Cardinals, originally expected to be one of the top bidders for Brian Giles, have told the outfielder's agent that they are now focused on pitching. Perhaps they'll get back into the race for Giles if they fail to land A.J. Burnett. If they do sign a quality pitcher, then they could trade Jason Marquis for an outfielder.} I just wonder with all the Billy Wagner courting, is Asst. GM John Rico assigned to anything? How about sending him to visit Brian Giles and make him an offer? {According to the St Louis Post Dispatch, the Cardinals are one of at least a dozen teams expressing interest in free agent Octavio Dotel. The Mets are also known to have been in contact with Dotel's agent. Since Dotel is open to being a setup man on a contender and would likely only require a one-year commitment as he tries to prove he's back from Tommy John surgery, he could end up just about anywhere.} Offer Dotel a 1yr plus an option to come back to Shea to set up pending a medical exam. Dotel would thrive as a set up man to Wagner. {According to the Denver Post, while turning away trade offers, the Rockies are continuing to work on a multiyear deal for Brian Fuentes. The Marlins are one of the team's interested, but Fuentes isn't going anywhere this winter. If the two sides can't agree to a long-term deal, the Rockies will keep Fuentes until July and see what kind of market there is for him then.} If this Wagner courtship goes south Omar should go talk to the Rockies about Fuentes. What good is a closer in a shitty team? Really, it makes no sense for the Rockies to keep him if the Mets come calling. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |