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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

WELINGTON MARA 1916-2005 Sad day in New York sports today as Wellington Mara the owner of the New York Football Giants passed away. It�s the end of an era as Mara along with the Halas� and the Rooney�s� are the last of the family owned sports franchises in pro sports. Mara was around the Giants for 80 years as a ball boy, owner and GM of the club. As GM he and his nephew Tim Mara with whom he feuded with mostly over on how the team was run, ran into some tough times highlighted by �The Fumble� which was the low light of the organizations history but from that blunder Mr. Mara realized that he needed someone to change the way the organization was run so he went to Commissioner Pete Rozelle who then brokered a deal for George Young to run the team. Young then brought in Bill Parcells and the Giants finally go back to the glory years like they went through in the 1950�s. R.I.P. Duke HEAD GAMES If I�m Phil Garner I�d be very worried about the focus of my team now that I�m in a must win situation in Game 3 of the World Series tonight. From the stories I�m reading it seems so guys are more worried about the roof of the ballpark and facial hair. Garner needs to get to Morgan Ensberg who seems to worry about the ballpark roof like Superman does about kryptonite: [�I�m not sure what their (MLB) fascination is with the American League� Astros third baseman Morgan Ensberg said yesterday. �I don�t know why on earth you would want to take away part of our advantage. That�s just how the game works. I think they�re completely overstepping their bounds. If you were to poll our fans, they would absolutely want the roof closed. I think they�re overstepping themselves. Stick to the other parts of the game that are important to them. �I just think it�s ticky-tacky that they�re about to tell us what to do with regards to the roof because it is an advantage to us�] WOW! Morgan grow a pair of balls will ya! If I�m Garner, I�ve got to get the team together and tell them to shut their pie holes about this roof, let GM Tim Purpura and owner Drayton McClain fight this battle with MLB and just concentrate on trying to get back into this series. Oh by the way Morgan, The Used Car Salesman, MLB and FOX are running the World Series. They will tell you what day you play, and what time you play. If they want the roof open that sucka will be open. Hey they can even cancel that damn game and series if they want. (See 1994 no post season) IT�S TIME FOR THE STEVE PHILLIPS COMEDY HOUR From a recent ESPN.Com Chat with Steve Phillips: Jon Texas: Any chance Manny will go back to Cleveland? Steve Phillips: (12:19 PM ET ) I doubt that the Indians can afford his contract as it currently stands. And I don't expect the Red Sox to pick up his salary to make a deal. Ramirez would be exactly the right fit offensively for the Tribe, who need a RH power bat. I can't believe, if true, the Mets rejected a Beltran for Ramirez deal at the deadline this year. I would do that deal in a heartbeat if I were the Mets. Beltran really seems to have difficulty adapting to NY. And therefore, the 6 years remaining on his deal has to concern you. Manny has had 30+ HR 8 times in his career, and 110+ RBI I think 9 times...Beltran has done each of those only once! That was one of Phillips big problems he did not think through his moves (Does Mo Vaughn ring a bell?)as most of them were for splashy back page headlines. Think about it, the Old Town Team wants to deal Manny due to the big salary, plus Larry Luchino has had enough of the �Manny Being Manny� weirdness. Everyone in baseball knows this and it put the Red Sox in a very hard position in getting fair value for Manny if you could get fair value for a great hitter like Ramirez. So if Theo Epstein calls Omar Minaya about sending Manny to Queens why would Omar send one of his best players especially if he is picking up that big chunk of change in that contract? Hell, Omar might have told Epstein that we was doing him a favor by taking that contract �so here�s a couple of minor leaguers to tied you over�. Now that Manny and his mouth piece have said he doesn�t want to play for the Mets but would accept a deal to the Indians or the Angels he stuck it right up the BoSox ass. The Indians can�t afford him so if he�s going anywhere it�s to Los Angles of Anaheim and I bet if he goes there, the Angels won�t give up much. Most likely come opening day 2006, Manny (and his 5 and 10 exemption) will be Manny in Fenway Park�s left field. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |