The Eddie Kranepool Society

Saturday, October 22, 2005

WELCOME TO OZZ FEST Being Irish I tend to hold grudges and one grudge I hold on to dearly is against the Houston Astros. Back in 1969 the only team the Mets did not take the season series from were the Astros. In fact whilr not looking at the history of the two teams I would say the Mets have a lifetime lossing record in Houston as it just seems like they could never win there. Then in 1986 a group of Mets led by Tim Teufel went out to a bar in Huston to celebrate the brith of Teuel's new born baby when they got into a row with some off duty Houston cops and were locked up for being from NY and for being Mets. Then you add the 1986 playoffs when the Astro's had a fat load of a relief pitcher named Charlie Kerfield. Kerfield was a decent reliever but he was of the John Rocker mentality. A real Southern asshole. He bad mouthed NYC and the fans and became a story on to himself. Plus the astros and pitcher Mike Scott especially tried to cheat to beat the Mets inthe calssic 1985 NLCS by scufing baseballs. On you add in that MF'er Clemens is on the astros well that's the icing on the cake for me. GO SOX! GO OZZIE! White Sox in 6 < |