The Eddie Kranepool Society

Thursday, October 27, 2005

A TIP OF THE BLUE AND ORANGE CAP TO THE WHITE SOX BUT PLEASE LOSE JOURNEY AS THE TEAM'S OFFICAL BAND. I happy for the folks on the South Side of Chicago, not just for having a World Series Champion but doing before the Cubs. The Cubs are clearly the team of choice in the Second City but the real die hard baseball fans root for the White Sox. After going out to Chicago last year it was clear to me the biggest reason their are so many Cubs fans is Wrigley Field and beer. Those are the two loves of Cubs fans. There isn't much on the Mets but that should change as we are on the 15 day countdown to when free agents can be courted by teams other than the team their contract has run out on. I'm a bit nervous about Petey's big right toe all I hope is it heals with rest and surgery (GLUP!) is not an option. Petey will play three games for Licey in the Dominican League so he can qualify to play for the D.R. in the World Cup. He will not take any money to play for Licey all he asks is that kids get to come to the games he pitches for free. The fellows at Mets Geek have posted some of the stats for the Mets playing in winter ball. We know about Milledge and Jacobs playing in extended leagues but how about Heath Bell and Bartolome Fortunato (remember him?) playing winter ball. Check out Mets Geek for this and more good Mets stuff < |