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Friday, October 28, 2005

TIME FOR OMAR TO GET GAME OVER GAGNE Now that the South Side of Chicago is reveling in their World Series celebration, the second season for the rest of us baseball fans is ready to commence. By now we all know the Mets needs by heart but the one glaring weakness that Omar knows he has to fix before we can ever think of sipping champagne in the fall is a bona fide ass kicking relief pitcher. With the names of B.J. Ryan and Billy Wagner out there for only a boatload of cash the one guy who seems to have flown under the radar, a stealth relief candidate if you will, that Omar should look into and try to obtain is Dodger closer Eric Gagne. Gagne is coming off shoulder problems that knocked him out for most of the season. It seems Gagne is ready and able to get back to saving games, as he will be in the Team Canada bullpen during World Baseball Classic in March. The time is right for this move. Gagne is owed $10mil for the 2006 season and there is a mutual option for the 2007 season. With Billy Wagner looking for a 3yr/$30 mil with a no trade clause and B.J. Ryan looking South Bronx bound, it would be better to work a deal with the Dodgers than have to get in a biding war over one guy that has age and another that it seems wants to join the Highlanders and new pitching coach Ron Guidry. Gagne is far from happy with the direction the Dodgers are heading. He has publicly called out owner Frank Mc Court for having alligator arms when it comes to spending and he has also come out in his displeasure of the firing of Jim Tracey as manager. It seems as well that GM Paul DePodesta was mulling over the idea of moving Gagne last off season as being a disciple of Billy Beane he does not like paying 8 figures for a closer. What the cost in players would be, I don�t know but maybe a Trachsel, Matsui, and minor leaguer of the �B� class variety plus cash to pay off Kaz Matsui�s deal could do the job. Yes I know that Matsui is not really needed in LA with Jeff Kent and Cesar Izturis taking the prime spots of 2nd base and shortstop so maybe Omar and DePo can get another team involved for a little three way trading (how about the Blue Jays with Orlando Hudson coming to Shea?) anything to get Game Over to Queens. METS TO HOLD OPEN MIKE NIGHT FOR TV PLAY-BY-PLAY MAN Dave O�Brien, who would drop in on the weekends with Tome Seaver to do Mets games, has said no to being the exclusive play by player for the Mets on SportsNet NY. It looks like Ted Robinson still has a shot but he does so much tennis and he leaves the team for long stretches. The team also looked at Dan Schulman of ESPN but he decided to stay in Bristol same with Sean McDonough who was the voice of the Old Town Team until he refused to drink the Larry Lucchino prepared Kool Aid and was sacked. The irony there is he was thisclose to taking the Mets job but turned it down to stay with Boston. This leaves SNY in a bit of an announcer quandary. I have a few names that I think SNY could go after and who might be very interested in the job. Josh Lewin is a very good play by player who does the Texas Ranger games on Fox Sports Net. He also does back up games for FOX Game of the Week but I would think getting the Mets gig and being part of the New York media is a better spot than where he�s at now. John Rooney is leaving the White Sox radio booth as the White Sox are looking for a mix like they have on TV with Hawk (PUT IT ON THE BOARDDDDDD��YES!) Harrleson and Darrin Jackson. Rooney has done a lot of radio work as that national voice when Infinity had the radio rights to the baseball post season and he has done some ESPN work as well. You could even put Rooney in the radio booth and move Gary Cohen to the TV side. John Sciambi I have heard on ESPN and I believe he did work for the Marlins as well. I know Sciambi is very much into sabermetrics as he is one of the endorsers of the Bill James books. I don�t know where Sciambi grew up or if he�s from this part of the country but he�s young and hip so that�s a pretty good start in my book. Somewhere on SNY there has to be a spot for WFAN update man Bob Hussler. Hussler is a die hard Mets fan who has to take shit from Francessa and Russo about the Mets on a daily basis. Hussler has done play by play for the Connecticut Sun in the WNBA and for Fairfield University Men�s basketball but I don�t know if baseball play by play is his thing so maybe hosting the Mets pre and post game show could be a fit for him. I�LL TAKE WASHED UP RELIVERS FOR $500K ALEX The Mets have given Danny Graves a $500K golden parachute and his release. Hopefully Graves invests that money wisely and not on any more tattoos. WHAT�S THE FREQUENCY BUD So the ratings for the World Series was at an all time low. What next lesbians playing in the WNBA? Of course the ratings are not what there were 10, 15 or 20 years ago, with cable and satellite television that give the consumer hundreds of channels, you have to put these ratings in perspective. Plus the Series itself was a bit of a snoozer. The games ran close to the next day�s breakfast time and it was a four game sweep of two teams that outside their city and in the White Sox case their neighborhood, hold very little appeal to the rest of the country. Then throw in the awful coverage that has become the staple of FOX baseball coverage, what would you expect ratings wise? Next year put a pole in the studio with Jeanne Zelasko wrapped around it. That might work. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |