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Sunday, October 23, 2005

SOME QUICK HITS FROM WORLD SERIES GAME 1 Hopefully MF Clemens' hammy is shreded like pulled pork as he had to leave last night's game with leg problems. I guess that great "training regiment and vitaim supplements" backfired a bit on the old Head Hunter. How can you not root for Ozzir Guilen? He's the anti-La Russa. He has fun and does not over think the game like Big Tony in St. Lou who must be a real joy to be around after not getting to the Series. I love how Guilen calls for Bobb Jenks out of the pen with his arms tall and wide. After the game Ozzie said "that's how I tell them I want my big boy" more and more Ozzie is reminding me of Sparky Anderson. One thing you can say about FOX coverage of the Series is it's consistant as it sucks more and more you watch their telecast. From Jeanne zalasko and Kevin Kennedy who look like they are on public access TV, to Tim "Tie-Dye" McCarver and Doofus Joe Buck. Here is what schmuck Buck is, in this weeks Sporting News he says he does not find Larry David or Curb Your Enthusiasm very funny infact he doesn't get the jokes. My god and you say this in public. That's like saying Salma Hayek would look beter with smaller boobs. Oh and that Diamond Cam why use it? It it's not looking up Jeanne Zalasko's skirt it's useless. About Bobby Jenks, this is why you have to take chances on guys espically guys who throw triple digits mph. Jenks has had battles with the bottle so that was why the Angels let him go but Ken Wiliiams took a shot that he would straighten up and fly right and it has paid off for the White Sox. Remember Ramon Castro had some "off field issues" and Omar Minaya took a shot that paid off as well. Got to be daring sometimes. Tyler Kempner has a story on Bobby Valentine in today's NY Times. Valentine is getting his Chibba Lotte Marines ready for the Japan series but he is also a candiadte for the D-Rays job (why?) and the Dodger job (more like it) Ilove this quote from Valentine: [On Monday, when the team clinched the Pacific League title, the players tossed Valentine in the air, over and over again. He smiled deliriously, clutching a baseball in one hand and making a "V" with two fingers on the other. What if his Mets had celebrated their 2000 pennant that way? "Somehow, I think I might have had a little rougher landing," Valentine said, laughing. "Just call it a hunch." ] (TO POST A COMMENT PLESE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |