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Saturday, October 08, 2005

"NOW THAT THE OLD TOWN TEAM IS DONE, LET THE MANNY TO THE METS RUMORS BEGIN" After watching the BoSox go down without a fight to the ChiSox of course the first thing that popped into my mind was "OK how long before Manny becomes a Met"? It seems it's a forgone conclusion that the Old Town Team will be blown to smithereens. Manny is ready to change agents and with Millar, Mueller, Timlin and Johnny Damon ready to become free agents and after listing to Dan Shaunessey on WFAN this morning he said that Manny will definitely be dealt and he did not think the Sox would resign Damon. You know Omar will be very aggressive during this winter. I can see not just Manny as a Met but Alfonso Soriano and Bengi Mollina as well. All I'm praying for is the cost of the Minaya moves this winter does not included Lastings Milledge. In fact my dream for opening day 2006 is an outfield of Manny, Beltran and Milledge. Watching the divisional series we can all see that if you don't have a functional bullpen you may as well stay home. The Highlanders are lucky to have Aaron Small come out of the pen to bail out The Big Turd last night, but after him what do you have? Broken down Rosalita Leiter, Scott Proctor, Tanyn Sturze. YUCK! Then you have hot and cold Tom Gordon there's not much there for your $200 mil is there. How good a manager is Mike Scioscia(Willie take notes please) handles his bullpen beautifully. As soon as Paul Byrd showed he was cooked in the 4th he had no problem brining in Brendan Donnelly.When Donnelly got into trouble (the hit by Giambi to the right side was a freak of nature when was the last time you saw GiamBALCO go the other way?) he went right to Scott Shields. Shields is usually the set up man to K-Rod but Scioscia knew he had to put his foot on the Highlanders throat. Shields was fantastic striking out Tino and Dumbo Posada to end the 5th inning Highlander rally. After Shields in came Kelvin Escobar and the K-Rod to end it and put the Highlanders one game away form hibernation. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |