The Eddie Kranepool Society

Saturday, October 22, 2005

"NO MANNY NO CRY" So after a lot of speculation Manny Ramirez has stated he DOES NOT want to be a Met: {I know people have speculated about Pedro and his influence, but Manny does not want to be traded to the Mets" (Greg) Genske told the Web site (} I admit a part of me is a little sad as I am a Manny fan and as flaky and unpredictable as his behavior can be the guy you can not denied that he is one if the top hitters in the history of baseball, a first ballot Hall of Famer and if Big Papi wins the AL MVP he should break it in half and give it to Manny. This could turn out to be a big break for the Mets. If Manny is serious about not wanting to play for the Mets then that frees up Omar�s time to work on important things like trying to move Kaz Matsui, sign either Bengi Molina (YES!) or Ramon Hernandez (Maybe, Molina is a better behind the plate) and looking in the health and availability of Eric Gagne. < |