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Saturday, October 29, 2005

MANNY THROWS FIRST LOG ON THE HOT STOVE FIRE Nothing unusual here as Manny Ramirez has told the Old Town Team he wants a transfer. As a 5/10 man he can yea or nay which team he'd like to go to but with $57 mil left for 3 years on his contract his destination of choice is quite limited. Manny's agent has said he does not want to play for the Mets but until I hear Manny come out and say it then I'll believe it. It makes absolutely no sense for Manny or his handlers to discount playing in NYC especially for the Mets. You mean to tell me that Manny would not be comfortable with a fellow Dominican as the GM and Pedro as a teammate plus hanging with a young Dominican player like Jose Reyes? Please. Plus add in that Manny is from NYC you would figure Manny would be making out change of address cards for Corona. But the real question is should the Mets even consider Manny as a winter time addtition? Does the team need his bat? Without question but at what cost player wise and more importantly money wise? Player wise I wouldn't give the Sawx anything of value as they are over a barrel here. Manny wants to go and more importantly the Sawx management wants him gone. Larry Lucchino has had enough of Manny's bullshit, big bat or not and he's tired of him holding this trade threat over the organizations head. Johnny Damon is another guy who will be shown the door as well by Lucchino so if Manny were to give his seal of approval to come home, Omar could offer Mike Cameron and a low level minor league pitcher and tell Theo the Boy Wonder that he's getting the best of the bargain. Now for the big part of this the dead presidents. Manny's contract breaks down as follows: 2006 $19 mil 2007 $18 mil 2008 $20 mil The 2006 salary I could I've with but those '07 and '08 numbers have me in a cold sweat. You know for the '06 season the good Manny will be on display but you also know that by '07 Bad Manny will rear his head and by '08 Ugly Manny will arrive on the scene. You know in either of those two years Manny will want to either have his contract extended or go back to the AL to live out his baseball life as a DH. So as much as I love Manny and would love to see him in LF in Shea come April 3 2006 it's not as easy a move to make. Sure for this season Piazza's $15 mil off the books helps and in 2007 Glavine's $6.5 mil and Kaz Matsui's $8mil and Cliff Floyd's $6.5 mil for a total of $21 mil. Now a couple of problems with that. First it took three players to make up one year of Manny's salary then you have the plan what to do with Jose Reyes and David Wright. It would be in the Mets best interest to lock up both these kids to long term deals before the arbitrator gets to them so would the $21 mil go better towards Reyes/Wright and other talent on the market than one outfielder who is will be on the decline skill wise and behavior wise in two years? I guess what I'm saying here is I'm not sure if going after Manny is worth the Mets while. But what I trying to read is the silence coming from Omar Minaya on this matter. I'm sure within the next few days he will be asked if the Mets are interested in Manny and even if he can not come out and say anything about a player without being brought up on tampering charges, he could go as an anonymous Mets source and say the Mets have no interest in trading for Manny. Until I hear or read that and here or read Manny say it, Manny to the Mets is still alive as far as I'm concerned. (TO POST A COMMENT CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |