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Monday, October 10, 2005

"LINKY DINKS" This one is a must read if there ever were one. Pete Hamill remembers the when Next Year finally came to Brooklyn when Dem Bums beat the evil Highlanders in the 1955 World Series. There has neve been a more important or celebrated team in NYC than the Dodgers of 50 years ago When you ask about the memories of that team to folks who were around then still light up and smile just thinking about that '55 season. The only other team that comes close to the old Dodgers were Red Holtzman's Knickerbockers, especially the 1970 NBA Champions who were the "coolest dudes" this city ever saw. Bill Madden has a blurb in his columomn today about a free agent catcher from Japan named Kenji Jojima. It seems Jojima is one of the all time best catcher in th ehistory of Janpanese baseball and is ready to make the jump to the U.S.: [The 29-year old Jojima is a career .300 hitter in Japan, averaging 30 homers a season for the Fukuoka Hawks, who are managed by Japanese icon Sadaharu Oh. Jojima suffered a broken shin in September, but major league teams are more concerned with the apparently severe tendinitis in his shoulder that hindered his throwing for much of the year. ] Hey Omar, JUST SAY NO!!!!!! It's Bengie Moilina or Ramon Hernandez that's it. Speaking of Bengie Molina, it seems he has one eye on the post season and the other eye on free agency. It's no secret that Omar will be hot on his Latin trail once the free agent season begins and it seems as if Ramon Castro and Molina have alot in common: [I heard some rumors, and there's family members here," Molina said. "They've told me they've been talking about trying to get me. That's out of my control right now. It's way out of my control. All we're worrying about right now is this team and trying to win. It's very difficult for me to start thinking about that. I try to leave it outside of my mind." Molina grew up in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, the same town as Mets backup catcher Ramon Castro. In fact, Molina's father was Castro's Little League coach. ] As I'm typing this Bart Colon just gve a no mas to the Angels and has left the game in the 2nd inning. Rookie Ervin Santana now has the task of taking out the Highlanders in this winner take all game 5. Bernnine williams just got a base knock to drive in a run and it's the Dirty Bastards 1 the Angels 0. We just have to hope Mussina pitches like the anal dweeb he can be. Now the Angels aee saying that Colon has inflamtion in his shoulder. Out in LA LA LAnd they will be no fuor over this botched assigment but if this ever happened here in NYC there would be an overthow of the management in both Flushing and the South Bronx. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |