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Monday, October 31, 2005

�LASTING�S IMAGE� The New York Times has a nice profile on top prospect Lastings Milledge who is continuing his coming out party of 2005 as he has hit three game wining homers in the Arizona Fall League adding to his legacy from his play for Team USA and for Binghamton and St Lonesome in the Mets chain. As Mets fans, we have hope that Omar stays true to his mantra of getting younger and more athletic and keeps Milledge to add to Reyes and Wright and build a core of players that could keep the Mets in �Atlanta Braves like contention� for the next 10 years. �ROGER AND OUT� The last guy I thought would replace Uncle Leo as pitching guru of the Braves is Roger McDowell. Hell, I never thought I�d see the day that McDowell would be a coach. There was no bigger goof ball in the majors during the 80�s than McDowell. If he wasn�t under the bench giving hot foots to teammates, or putting bubble gum on the top of their caps, he was wearing his uniform pants as shirt and vice versa just for attention. Oh and one other thing he was part of the greatest one-two pitching tandem (with Jesse Orosco) not named Seaver-Koosman in Mets history. He has some big cleats to fill and whole lot of rockin� to learn to be another Uncle Leo. �GAMO-RAYS� According to the Peter Gammons, the Dodger will look to Orel Hershier and Bobby Valentine to be the GM and manager now that Paul DePodesta and Jim Tracy have been banished from Chavez Ravine. And guess whose fingerprints are all over this series of unfortunate events in SOCAL? Of course, old clam sauce breath himself Tommy Lasorda. Tommy Gun has been trying since the day the Skill Sets terminated BV to get him back in Dodger Blue. Hershiser (The Bulldog as Tommy called him back in �88) has made it public he wants more out of his baseball after life than being a pitching coach and GM of the team he grew up in is his ultimate dream. This one has a chance to come to fruition as V has done what he set out to do in winning a Japanese Championship and he and Tommy Linguine are very close and Hershier did very well pitching for Valentine in Flushing and both come with the Lasorda Seal of Approval. The worst part of this deal though is it blows up my plan of Gagne to the Mets to smithereens as now with LaSorda pulling the Dodger strings no way the Dodgers deal Game Over. With DePo it stood a chance. You don�t think Tommy reads this blog do you? (TO POST A COMMENT CLICK ON THE TIME OF THE POSTING) < |