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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

�IT�S A HIGHLANDER HATERS PARADISE� Some observation from last night�s Highlanders melt down: Of all the analysis I have heard about the Highlanders tank job and what type of team they are, Mike Francesca had the best take on the team. My Big Fat Obnoxious Talk Show Host (MBFOTSH) said what the Highlanders have become are a collection of high priced talent that is made for the casual baseball fan. The Highlanders have in effect become a Broadway show. They trot out a collection of All Star players that appeal to the non-baseball fan who goes to the South Bronx to be entertained and to be seen. The Highlanders are not a TEAM. Who are the role players? Bubba Crosby, Ruben Sierra, Mark Belhorn? See not a role player in the bunch. There is no cohesion or a sense of players pulling for each other. The Highlanders looked tighter than a crab�s ass last night while 22 year old Ervin Santana was seen on the mound with a big smile on his face as he rose to the occasion and kept the Highlanders in check. The one move the Skill Sets didn�t make turned out to be the smartest move when the told A-Fraud and Scott Bore-us to take a hike with their outrageous demands during A-Frauds reign of free agnet terror. Swarmy Steve Phillips hit it dead on when he called A-Fraud a �24 and 1� guy. Any writer who voted A-Fraud over Big Papi for MVP should have his credentials taken from him. The rule in baseball is the centerfielder has the free reign on any ball he can get to. So you would think that Gary Sheffield and Bubba Crosby would have gone over this before the game last night. It�s called proper preparation. In fact one of Bobby Valentine�s favorite saying is �Proper preparation prevents piss poor performance� See on TEAMS this is what you do before a game but when your part of vaudeville troupe you don�t. Yes, Country Joe West is a buffoon of an umpire but if Robinson Cano continued to run outside the bag and bowled over Darin Erstad he may have been called safe, as Erstad would have been guilty of interference. Pee Wee Cashman is as good as gone from the South Bronx. As is Mel Stottlemyere. But St. Joseph of Torre will be back in 2006 and will be made to suffer for the $12mil owed to him. Do you believe in omens? Last week long time Toronto Blue Jays play-by-play man Tom Cheek passed away from a battle with cancer. Cheek had never missed a Blue Jay game, (Cheek had been with the Jays from year one in 1977) until the passing of his father earlier in the season. Right after that Cheek was diagnosed with cancer. The Blue Jays wanted to pick Cheeks spirits up by having a pre game ceremony to celebrate his years with the Jays. It was to be a 15-minute ceremony but it ran a bit longer. The Jays opponent that day were the Highlanders and instead of a 2:15 PM start the Blue Jays moved the start of the game up to 2:30PM. No big deal right? Well guess who the starting pitcher was for the Highlanders that day? Mike Mussina. And as we know everything has to be jjjjuuusssttt right for Mussina or he bithces and moans. It�s like he has a mild case of obsessive compulsion disorder. Mussina moaned and groaned about the length of the ceremony and why did the Jays allow it to run so long and on and on. So last night the highlight of the game for me besides watching the Angels dance at the end of the game was Mussina�s long walk back to the dugout after he could not step up and be THE MAN. It couldn�t have happened to a better asshole. So now we have two series that appeals to the die hard baseball fan. The White Sox and Angels give you two teams that pitch and defend. The edge goes to the White Sox as they are rested and they posses more offense. White Sox in 5 In the NL it�s the same thing as both the Cards and Astros play solid ball. The Astros have the edge in the bullpen and in the Big Three of Pettite, Oswalt and MF�ing Clemens. The �Stros got a well deserved day off yesterday and should be ready to make their first ever World Series appearance. Astros in 6 (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |