The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

ITEM: FELIX HEREDIA TESTS POSITIVE FOR STEROIDS Now I can be a wise ass here and make jokes about Felix the Cat and his 10 day suspension but the real jokers here are the air heads in Congress and the nit wit fans that scream holy hell about the MLBPA wanting to go over all facets of drug testing and fines and suspensions before signing off on a plan. Heredia had surgery on his left shoulder to relive blood clots that caused an aneurysm. Now my mother had the same surgery and afterwards she was prescribed blood thinners. I believe Heredia did as well. Blood thinners make you very weak and at a point in your recovery you have to be given supplement to help you get your strength back. Now here in the U.S. you get a prescription from your doctor and go down to yur pharmisit and get an FDA approved medication to help you recover. Now if you live in a Latin American country as Heredia does and as does most of the players who have been sited for suspension during this steroid sweep by baseball, there is no government regulation on the meds you can get. So it seems that Heredia may have taken something in the Dominican Republic that contained a banned substance. Now that does not take Heredia off the hook as he has played baseball in the U.S. long enough to know the do's and don'ts but it just seems to me his suspension is absurd. The man is recovering from a major surgical procedure and if he did ingest a banned substance it was not for performance enhancement but for recovery from a medical procedure . See in order to understand all this you need common sense which unfortunately is in short supply in this country. < |