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Saturday, October 15, 2005

IS IT GAME OVER IN DODGER LAND? Eric Gagne is not a happy Trolly Dodger. He wants the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers of Los Angeles (a classic line by Howie Rose) to spend more dead presidents on talent. Now the problem there is the owner Frank McCourt is not half the man the REAL Frank McCourt of Angela's Ashes fame is as the Dodger McCourt is a hen pecked husband. His wife Jamie not only works for the Dodgers but she has a big excutive job as well and it seems she makes alot of the big decisons around Chevez Ravine. I don't have to tell you guys what she's got to get her that job (meow meow) but I digress, Gagne while recuperating from elbow surgery sat around and whatched his team play and didn't like what he saw. In fact Gagne has layed down the law to the Dodgers owner: [Gagne, a free agent after the 2006 season, told the newspaper that if he doesn't see improvement next season, he won't hesitate to leave for another team. "I close games; I can't save losses," Gagne told the newspaper. "I'll be in a situation in a year where I can choose a team that wants to win. I love the Dodgers and want to be a Dodger. I really like the McCourts and their attitude. I want them to know that they can make a lot of money by winning. "We have resources for trades. We have a lot of money. This year, we didn't have the Dodger brand. They bought the brand and we have to put that back in the minds of fans and throughout baseball, that we are the Dodgers."] I have news for Gagne it's not going to get any beter in LA. SOCAL is now run by the dynamic Arte Moreno, who by the way is a real man's man. The first thing he did when he took over the Halos was drop the beer prices. Now there's a man who knows his priorites. Besides Dodger GM Paul DePodesta has one foot out the door and the other on a Dell lap top. So what I guess I'm saying is how about Omar making a long distance call (The Skill Sets like it better when he makes these calls after 8:00PM as the rates are cheaper or even better on the weekend as the Mets have free minuttes on their cell plan) and feeling out you DePo about trading Game Over to the Mets. Of course the Mets would have to see what Gagne's physical condition is but this looks like a nice spot for Omar to make a tiddy little package to the Dodgers. (TO POST A COMMENT CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |