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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

GIVE 'EM HELL TOM Tom Verduci is one of the best baseball writers around (a little to pro Highlander but that's for another day) after last night's marathon Game 3 (Thank God today was my day off I was up til 3 AM watching this one. Thank you Used Car Salesman for allowing the game to start at 8:40 PM EST god forbid Fox would dump Crater Face Kennedy and that trolop Jeane Zelasko who tell us absoultly nothing worth knowing and start the friggin' game at 7:30 PM) Verduci gives it to Phil Garner pretty good in this article as he points out how Garner has lost his poise and maybe his team. I pointed out yesterday that I felt Garner should have nipped the bitching and moaning abut the roof openned or closed but he didn't. Last night he was throwing chairs in the dugout (after Geoff Blum's 14th inning home run) and then threw his team under the bus in the post game interview. Verduci also goes on about Garner's use of the bench or misuse may be more like it that has the Astros ready for a toe tag. < |