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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

BREAK OUT THE BUNTING� This post season is as wide open as I have ever seen. There is no clear cut favorite in either league as The Used Car Salesman dream has come true there is parody in MLB. For what there worth, here are my picks for the Division Series: Padres v. Cardinals I would love to pick the Pads in an upset special but when you have Pedro Astacio and Chan (Hey) Ho Park in your pitching rotation I can�t being of sound mind and body pick the Bochy Balls. 3 Nights in August turns to 3 Days in this series. Redbirds in 3 Astros v. Braves I still can�t get over the Tammy Faye Baker like Wild Card celebration by the �Stros but with MF�in Clemens and his boy Pettite and their illegitimate son Roy Oswalt plus a tough bullpen it�s hard to against Houston. Uncle Leo will be rockin� and rollin� in the Braves dugout as the Braves check out early for the 48th post season in a row. �Stros in 4 Red Sox v. White Sox I�ve got a little crush on the Old Town Team as they seem to really enjoy themselves on the basbeall field and they have no inhibitions unlike their tight ass arch rivals in the South Bronx. Even though you can�t beat the one two punch of Big Papi and future Met Manny Ramirez the Sawx have no pitching. The White Sox on the other foot, have pitching, defense and el loco manager in Ozzie Gullien. As much as I like the antics of the Old Town Team I have a real crush on teams that have solid pitching, defense and play aggressive baseball and besides enough Highlanders-BoSawx already! Pale Hose in 4 Highlanders v. Angles The Highlanders could play the al-Qaida 9 and I�d still have a tough time rooting for them. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim California of I-5 off the Expressway are very easy to root for as they like the White Sox play an aggressive brand of ball. See Chone run. Run Chone Run See Jorge miss the ball Bad Jorge. Bad. More passed balls by Jorge! Key to the Scioscia Swingers is to get the lead early and force St. Joseph of Torre to call on his arsonist�s relievers. Halos in 4 (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |