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Monday, October 03, 2005

��.AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT� While watching the Piazza farewell yesterday it struck me that this was the most animated and emotional we have ever seen Mikey P. As much as Piazza was a great Met and the guy who made the Mets matter again he never really had a give and take with the fans as other players. I�ve have never seen Piazza take the time to sign autographs for fans or even acknowledge the fans as they tried to connect with him. I�m not big fan of Mike Cameron but I have seen him sit on top of the Mets dugout and sign autographs for fans. David Wright makes it his business to sign and pose for pictures with fans. Yesterday Doug Meinkeiwicz took the jersey off his back and gave it to a fan. I�m not saying Piazza is not a nice guy but he is bit stand offish so it was kind of weird watching him take the bows he did yesterday as he seem uneasy with the whole thing. What was going through Willie�s mind in the top of the 8th when he took Piazza out of the game? Mike was due to hit in the bottom of the 8th and the fans just wanted one last look at Mikey at the Bat. Piazza kept looking into the dugout as he warmed up Shingo Takatsu then Mike DiFelice came out of the dugout to replace Piazza behind the plate. Randolph claims he wanted Piazza to get one last ovation but I thought it was very strange to do it that way. Let the guy get one last AB as a Met to give Piazza and the fans one last chance to see him go out on a positive. In a perfect world Mike would either get a base hit and come out for a pinch runner or hit a homer to cap a great Mets career. �WHY I HATE THE HIGHLANDERS, LET ME COUNT THE WAYS� The Highlanders fans, propagandists (aka-announcers) and manager are mad that Buck Showalter took out Mark Texieria, Hank Blalock, Mike Young and not playing Soriano after taking a 4-1 lead over the Angels. The Angels came back to win the game 7-4 to gain home field advantage over the Highlanders in the best of 5 ALDS. GIVE ME A FUCKIN� BREAK!!!!!!! What a bunch of pompous assholes! This is such bullshit that even Highlander butt boy Mike Francessa wigged out over the outrage by the Pinstriped Pricks. He played a cut from yesterdays game where the Ascot Asshole (John Sterling) and the Wicked Witch of the South Bronx (Suzan Waldman) called Buck taking out the players as �disgraceful� and the A.A. saying �Buck will have to answer for this� what a bunch of shit. St. Joseph of Torre sat Mike Mussina in favor of the rag armed Jarret Wright and according to today�s NY Post, some of the Highlanders were out in whoring in the clubs of Beantown. So if the great St. Joe and his players didn�t give a rat�s ass if the won yesterday why should the unjustly fired Showalter? Angels in 3!!!!!!! �A-FRAUD ON THE FLOP� If there was a better example of what a phony bastard Alex Rodriguez is it�s this story from today�s NY Post of A-Fraud playing Texas Hold �Em in an illegal card room in the Flat Iron District. This is why the guy is hated by other players in baseball, he loves lap dances and playing poker and hey who doesn�t but don�t be a phony and try to put on a goody two shoes fa�ade. This guy gave the same scripted answer to two different TV outlets after Saturday�s game. When Chris Myers of FOX asked him to sum up the season, A-Fraud said (Grab your barf bags) it was the his heart and the pinstripes that kept him going all year. When Michael Kay on YES asked him about the season, he gave the same answer. Disgusting!!!! �HOUSTON YOU�VE GOT A PROBLEM� I�m watching the end of the Cubs-Astros games yesterday in which the Astros won and made the post season. After the third out there was a celebration in the ballpark like the team had won the World Series. I figure �ah what the hell, the weather sucks there and the Bush�s reside there why not let them have a little fun� as the confetti is falling all over the Juice Box. But then the cheesiest low rent move I have ever seen happened. The Astros unveil a banner in right field that proclaims �2005 WILD CARD CHAMPIONS HOUSTON ASTROS� CHAMPIONS? OF WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!. What a disgrace. There is no such thing. You made the playoffs congratulations but my God is that over the top or what? Ah but Brad Lidge made up for it in his post game interview when he dropped an F-bomb on live TV. He had something to the effect of �We had played fuckin� hard.. ohhh friggin�� oh I�m sorry about that�. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |