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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

"AS THEY SAY, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR" During last winters Mets managerial job search, besides Rudy Jaramilo I had a fantasy about Omar hiring Jim Leyland to run the Mets dugout. Hell I knew Leyland left the Rockies high and dry but I figured he needed some R & R and he seemed to be ready to get back on the horse. Leyland had lot of interest in the Mets job but it seems that Omar was not impressed by Leyland and he felt he was using the Mets to get the Phillies, the job he really wanted as the guy hates to leave the state of Pennsylvania, so Omar passed and I was puzzled. Fast forward to yesterday when I heard that Leyland was hired to manage the Detroit Tigers after Alan Trammel was unjustly fired and I thought, WOW Leyland is the complete opposite of Trammel as he's a feisty cuss and a no nonsense guy, so even though I fetl Trammel got the shaft maybe Leyland could light a fire under the Tigers. Then I was watching Cold Pizza this morning and Leyland was interviewed by Danna Jacobson. HOLY SHIT!!! First off Leyland is 60 years old and he looks about 80. Then when Jacobson asked him about the team he now leads he had no clue on who the players were and said he really needed to catch up as he did not know a lot about the American League. The look on Jacobson's face was that of someone watching a car go off a cliff. What the hell happened to this man? He's a shell of what he was. He showed absolutely no passion or the attitude you would expect of a man just named to a team that will spend money and a team that needs a manager to put a foot in the ass's of Magglio Ordonez and Pudge Rodriguez. I don't think Leyland can raise his leg to put foot to ass. I have to say I was shocked looking at Leyland and hearing him on TV. Then I read Mitch Albom column and it look worse at the presser than it did on TV: [Jim Leyland may have issues. Honesty isn't one of them. In a news conference Tuesday that was as bizarre as it was refreshing, Leyland managed to tell reporters "I know very little about your ball club" and "I don't really know about the American League" and "I'm rusty" and, at his last job, "I stunk." Hmm. Was it the Tigers who hired this guy or President Bush? I can't recall the last time a new manager had 30 minutes of media time and used it to 1) fess up to burnout, 2) admit his need to "sharpen up on the game," and 3) barely mention a single member of his new squad.] If I'm Alan Trammel I'm laughing my ass off. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |